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Mourinho plans to “destroy” his opposition to mark his return to Chelsea

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Blog Photo - Mourinho plans to “destroy” his opposition to mark his return to Chelsea
Jose Mourinho wants to mark his return to Chelsea by bringing hell on Earth to his opponents. The Chelsea manager insists he is ready to “destroy” his opposition in England and Europe by proving the Blues to be force not to be reckoned with.
A comfortable 2-0 win over Hull City at home on Sunday clearly showed that Chelsea were ready to make an impact in the Premier League. The 2-1 over Aston Villa on Wednesday proved that Chelsea weren’t as strong a team as Mourinho had hoped them to be, but they were still a dominating force.
Aston Villa has surprised on lookers by defeating Arsenal 3-1 on the opening day of the Premier League and then recording an impressive performance against Chelsea. Mourinho concedes the irregular form of his side as a mere anomaly, but the fact of the matter is that he actually needs to concentrate more on team chemistry.
Mourinho wants his men to keep their foot on the gas even if they are winning. The Portuguese tactician explained that building up pressure is an important part victory, since it helps control the temp of the game.
“If we do that, we destroy an opponent. Playing that way, you have to score goals,” Mourinho said. “We want to win matches, but what I like is that, when you have the chance to destroy them by three, four, or five, we have to do it.”
Mourinho has enjoyed an easy campaign so far, with matches against Hull City and Aston Villa. The former Real Madrid manager will now be put to the test against the Manchester United manager David Moyes.
The Premier League champions have done well under Moyes in the preseason and will be threatening to defeat Chelsea at Old Trafford this Sunday. Mourinho admits his side might be susceptible to defeat in future, which is why they must remain wary of making mistakes.
“If someone has the chance to do it to you, they will not forgive you, they will give you nothing,” Mourinho said. “If someone feels that they can do it to us they will do it -- when you are in trouble, they smash you -- if we have the chance to do it, we have to do it. That is football.”
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