Mourinho under scrutiny for dropping Casillas and Malaga defeat

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Blog Photo - Mourinho under scrutiny for dropping Casillas and Malaga defeat
Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas has vowed to regain his position in the first team after manager Jose Mourinho dropped him for Antonio Adan against Malaga. The decision didn’t turn out to be the way Jose Mourinho was hoping for as Real Madrid lost 3-2 to Malaga.
In the aftermath of the defeat Iker Casillas refrained from rubbing it in the face of his manager, but he promised to rise from the ashes. Real Madrid fans and media were left bemused and somewhat confused by Jose Mourinho’s decision to play Antonio Adan instead of the man who has been a leading figure for Real Madrid for over a decade.
The defending champions are now 16 points away from La Liga toppers Real Madrid. Iker Casillas, who is in his 14th year with Real Madrid, told reporters he accepted Jose Mourinho’s decision to bench him and there was no bad air between them. Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho took the blow for defeat to Malaga and informed that the decision to bench Iker Casillas was “purely technical”.
“The coach decides which team he thinks is best for each match, and you need to accept the decision, Iker Casillas told La Sexta television in an interview. “I'm not used to being a substitute, but above Iker Casillas or any player is the team. What I need to do is continue training and try to recover the confidence of the coach.”
Iker Casillas, who apart from being captain of Real Madrid leads the Spanish national team as well, admitted competition with Antonio Adan will keep him on his toes.
“It is the coach who decides who plays. It will be a nice battle with Antonio. There is a healthy rivalry between us,” Iker Casillas continued. “Throughout the week, I could sense that I wasn't going to play, but it's not a setback. Mourinho didn't explain anything to me. He doesn't do it when I play, nor when I don't.”
After the Malaga loss Jose Mourinho stepped in front of the media to take all the blows. The former Chelsea manager told reporters that he was not going to resign as manager of the club and didn’t fear losing his job at Santiago Bernabeu.
“Casillas? I have a clear conscience,” Jose Mourinho was quoted by AS newspaper. “I try to choose the best team for every game.”
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