Moyes blasts Young over diving and asks FA to use video evidence against divers

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Blog Photo - Moyes blasts Young over diving and asks FA to use video evidence against divers
Manchester United manager David Moyes believes the Football Association (FA) should take strict action against divers. The new Old Trafford boss has asked the football governing body to implement laws against players exploiting and defaming football.
Moyes’ statements arrive after Manchester United winger Ashley Young dove in a 2-0 win over Crystal Palace on Saturday. The English winger was booked during the Premier League game for diving, which is the third time in his career.
Moyes also hailed the match referee Jonathan Moss for cautioning Young over his theatrics. Moyes believes Young shouldn’t face any further punishments, but it would help the cause if video evidence is used catch and punish divers who manage to evade their fate from the hands of match officials.
“I’ve said for many years we should have retrospective action for diving,” Moyes said in his press conference on Monday.  “That would help referees no end.”
Manchester United are preparing for their Champions League battle against Bayer Leverkusen, which is scheduled for Tuesday. The group stage match is expected to be heated because Moyes has yet to make a statement in the Champions League.
Diving or unfair bookings could ruin the hole game, which is why Moyes wants to be strict against ugly football. Moyes further told reporters that he had asked Young to stop from going down to easily, but he can’t guarantee with surety there will be no diving in the future.
“I can never be sure it won’t happen again,” Moyes added. “I have had a word with him privately.”
Manchester United center half Rio Ferdinand agrees with Moyes’ sentiments. However, Ferdinand believes bigger governing bodies such as UEFA and FIFA need to play a bigger and better role in the eradication of diving.
“Retrospective viewing and punishments may be the way to go,” Rio Ferdinand said. “It’s got to happen across the board, not just in our league. You go into the Champions League and you get players from other countries who simulate. As a defender, you don’t want people trying to con the referee.” 
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