Moyes insists he is the boss, but Fergusonís presence welcomed at Man Utd

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Blog Photo - Moyes insists he is the boss, but Fergusonís presence welcomed at Man Utd
As the dust settles after the 4-1 defeat to Manchester City, David Moyes braces for a ruthless press conference. The Old Trafford boss has been unable to give Manchester United a flying start. However, more concerning is the fact that Moyes hasn’t been able to grab victories over top teams in the Premier League.
Moreover, the Premier League champions have faltered against archrivals Liverpool and Manchester City. Rumors about potential clash between Moyes and predecessor Sir Alex Ferguson is in the air, although the unlikelihood of it is quite high. Moyes insists he has fully in charge of the club, although Ferguson remains at the club as a director.
Manchester United went into their first Manchester derby in 27 years without Ferguson in the dugout. With Moyes at the helm, big things were expected from the new Scotsman, but so far Moyes has shown little reason to be impressed for. Moyes believes any shadow that Ferguson casts over him at the club is actually a positive thing for him.
In an interview to the Sunday Times Moyes insisted that Ferguson’s presence at the club was more beneficial for him rather than a nuisance.
“No, absolutely none whatsoever. I pop in to see him after the game,” Moyes said. “We'll say hello. He is a director now and I am going to use his advice. Why would I not do that? I would be a fool not to.
“I'm happy for him to be here. He is not interfering. There is no interference whatsoever because he knows what it is to be a manager and he knows what that entails. You have to get on with the job yourself.”
Moyes was also happy to see Ferguson hail Wayne Rooney and show confidence in the striker. Ferguson recently said that Rooney was “back to what we always remember”. The 27-year-ol England international scored twice against Bayer Leverkusen during the midweek Champions League games.
“I thought Sir Alex just said exactly how he felt the boy played,” Moyes added. “The words 'olive branch' have been used but I think it was more: 'Hey, I saw a Wayne Rooney full of desire and determination. He was turning and beating people, scored a couple of goals and you could see his running and effort for the team'. I don't think it was to do with anything else.
“He [Sir Alex] spoke simply as a football man.”
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