Moyes takes blame for Man Utd’s poor form in 2-0 defeat to Olympiakos

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Blog Photo - Moyes takes blame for Man Utd’s poor form in 2-0 defeat to Olympiakos
Manchester United manager David Moyes saw his side set another milestone this season, one that will see the Old Trafford boss come under more scrutiny in the following days. The 2-0 defeat to Olympiakos in the first leg of the last-16 Champions League tie is expected to bring Moyes under a lot of pressure.
The Scotsman claims he was left “surprised” by the poor performance from his side against Olympiakos. Moyes believes it was the “worst” performance his team has ever produced in the Champions League.
Manchester United should now brace for the Herculean task of coming back from this defeat. They will have the advantage since the second leg of the tournament is going to take place at Old Trafford, but after seeing one too many upsets at home Moyes well understands that playing at home counts for little when it comes to Manchester United.
Moyes accepted full responsibility for the defeat, something that has sparked new speculation about the clouded future of the Scotsman at Manchester United.
“That's the worst we have played in Europe," said Moyes. “It was a really poor performance. We never really got going from the start and we didn't deserve anything because of the way we played. We never really got to grips with things and to a man you could hardly pick anybody out. We just didn't perform.
“We came into the game in good form and a good mindset but it just didn't show. I am just surprised. I didn't see that level of performance coming. I just didn't see it. I take responsibility. It is my time and I will always front it up. We didn't play well. We have to play better.”
Moyes was clearly in no position to defend his team, but he did said that the players were extremely disappointed by the defeat and well understood that the criticism directed towards them had arrived because of poor form.
The former Everton manager said that the will to perform better has grown stronger for Manchester United after this defeat and his men will “stick together” to produce better performances in the upcoming games.
Moyes confidently added that Manchester United could overcome the odds and defeat their Greek adversaries at Old Trafford. The hand-picked successor of Sir Alex Ferguson concluded that his men will work harder for the second leg of against Olympiakos.
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