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The NFL Draft has almost arrived, and because it is the trendy thing to do, why can't I make a mock draft?  My knowledge of each player is limited since I boycott college football, but great sites like help me understand the players better.  I've always been a "draft by needs" guy over a "best player available even if we don't need him guy" and so I think this mock draft is going to be solid.

If anything, I'm a lot more pleasant than Mel Kiper.  Either way, here is my mock draft of the first round!

#1 Detroit selects QB Matthew Stafford

Frankly, I don't think this is a good call by the Lions.  Stafford strikes me as one of those guys who is projected so high simply because he's the best QB, and not that good of a prospect.  The Lions offensive line is simply horrid, and I think taking Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe would much farther.

HOWEVAH (Stephen A. Voice) he's the best QB in the Draft.  When you were the worst team in probably ever, you're going to pick the flashy pick who will be the "instant savior" and that's why they'll pick Stafford.  I don't think it'll work, but that's what they'll do.

#2 St. Louis selects OT Jason Smith

Orlando Pace is gone, and that leaves a big hole on that O-line.  Smith looks to be the guy who can step in and be what Joe Thomas and Jake Long have been for their teams.  There likely isn't a bigger need to plug on the Rams than offensive line, and this guy is a stud.  He's the type of lineman that will instantly make that team a lot better.

#3 Kansas City selects LB Aaron Curry

Many are saying that Curry is the best talent in the Draft, and the dude is simply a force at linebacker.  While offensive line wouldn't be a bad idea based on their issues, Curry really is that type of player you just can't pass up.  Recently signed veterans Zach Thomas and Mike Vrabel can only help Curry develop and make a big impact with the Chiefs.

#4 Seattle selects OT Eugene Monroe

Seattle really gave me issues on who to go with.  The biggest need is likely running back, but there is no way that any RB is worthy of the #4 this year.  Defensive tackle could use work, but is B.J. Raji worth the #4?  They could go with Stafford to be Hasselbeck's replacement, but I'm not sure if Seattle is sold on him being great, or ready to give up on Hasselbeck.

Then you look at the offensive line; a lot of aging players.  Walter Jones is 35, he's going to need his replacement.  While they have Sean Locklear at right tackle, who isn't bad, the line as a whole has a lot of issues.  I think the Seahawks are going to want to go for a relatively low risk, which would equal Monroe, a very strong tackle.

#5 Cleveland selects WR Michael Crabtree

Donte Stallworth is on his way to jail, Kellen Winslow has been traded and Braylon Edwards is very likely to be traded.  If Edwards is moved, this leaves the Browns with Josh Cribbs as the only halfway decent weapon.  When you already have mediocre QB's, giving them mediocre weapons isn't a formula for offensive success.  Crabtree has a few concerns with health, but no one is doubting he has stud receiver written all over him.  I think they'll choose him and hope he becomes a better and less whiny version of Edwards.

#6 Cincinnati selects OT Andre Smith

Yes, Andre Smith has massive man-boobs that even Phil Mickelson thinks are ridiculous.  No one has doubted Smith's physical talent and potential to be a beast.  The question is his work ethic and attitude.  The Bengals certainly haven't stopped in the past over attitude issues.  Defensive tackle and Raji wouldn't be a bad look, but with Stacy Andrews gone there's a big empty tackle spot that this man could fill.

#7 Oakland selects WR Jeremy Maclin

Al Davis likes flashy.  Al Davis likes speed.  Jeremy Maclin is a WR (flashy) and he's very fast.  Not to mention it makes sense from a need standpoint.  The Raiders WR group is AWFUL.  Johnnie Lee Higgins and Javon Walker = Fail.  This makes too much sense for the cryptkeeper.

#8 Jacksonville selects DT B.J. Raji

Jacksonville is another one of those that could go a lot of ways, and I wouldn't be shocked if they traded down.  They drafted two defensive ends last year in Harvey and Groves, and neither did anything as the entire D struggled.  It starts on the D-line, and the lack of Marcus Stroud made the defense vulnerable.  With the top OT gone, I think Raji becomes the guy, in hopes that he and Henderson can create dominance inside.

#9 Green Bay selects OLB/DE Brian Orakpo

Offense doesn't seem like a target for this pick, and with the Packers moving to a 3-4, one of the many ends and linebackers will likely be the target.  Although Malcom Jenkins would be a solid selection to soon replace the aging Al Harris and Charles Woodson, I think they go with Orakpo.  He's a physical beast who fits the mold of a pass rush 3-4 OLB.  However, he's gotten a lot of comparisons to Vernon Gholston.  Buyer beware.

#10 San Francisco selects OLB/DE Everette Brown

I just don't see Mike Singletary going offense as much as a defensive guy as he is.  Some would say Sanchez here, but I think Iron Mike is content with Shaun Hill.  I'd love to see them get Raji, as they have squat at NT.  But no other big name DT is out there.  There are a lot of the "Tweener" ends/linebackers, but the 49ers could use more pass rush.  Everette Brown is a very explosive pass rusher, and he's who I see them going with.
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4/24/09   |   elevenbravo138again   |   1163 respect

I don't think Brown goes as high as #10, he is really only ready to rush the passer, and is not as good an every down prospect as some of the other "tweeners" Maybin will go before Brown.  The rest is solid work.

4/23/09   |   MarkTheShark   |   590 respect

MrNFL wrote:
I don't have the time to go through all of the players.   For Chicago, wide receiver seems like the spot they'd want to address first based on need.  Dallas could use defensive help, probably secondary or defensive line.  Defensive line makes sense for Carolina, they'll probably trade Peppers to move up.

Marty Hurney pretty much assured that Peppers will be back in Carolina blue with the re-structuring of Delhomme's contract today.

4/23/09   |   MrNFL   |   175 respect

I don't have the time to go through all of the players.   For Chicago, wide receiver seems like the spot they'd want to address first based on need.  Dallas could use defensive help, probably secondary or defensive line.  Defensive line makes sense for Carolina, they'll probably trade Peppers to move up.

4/23/09   |   fred77008   |   17 respect

I'd be happy with Crabtree at 4 for Cleveland.  But, I think the chances of the Browns working a trade here are just as likely.

4/23/09   |   derms33   |   17653 respect

Hey,, the Browns have David Patten...Yes, I keep forgetting that too

4/23/09   |   jswol54   |   20819 respect

Can you add picks 33-49 so I can see who you think the Bears will select?  By the time the Bears select on Saturday, I'm pretty sure I'll be blacked out...happens every year at our draft party.

4/23/09   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

 tampa no longer runs a tampa-2 defense.

With them getting rid of half of their defense, Tampa will no longer run ANY defense.

4/23/09   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

The Bengals can't catch a break. Even in a mock draft, they still end up with someone who is lazy, unmotivated, and has a jacked up attitude.

4/23/09   |     |   9 respect

 tampa no longer runs a tampa-2 defense.

4/22/09   |   MarkTheShark   |   590 respect

VERY entertaining read...your top 20 was good...the