Murder of Fred Biletnikoff’s daughter gets jailed for 55-years

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Although former Oakland Raiders wide receiver Fred Biletnikoff’s ex-wife Jennifer Webster said that the “pain never goes away” after she lost their child to a brutal murder on 15 February, still the conviction of her murderer Mohammed Haroon Ali will bring some closure to the family.
San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Barbara Mallach convicted Mohammed Haroon Ali on charges of first-degree murder for the second-time since a similar 2001 verdict was overturned in 2009 by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The defense had contested that the trial was flawed since a black juror was dismissed for his duty on racial terms.
Judge Barbara Mallach handed down 55-years of jail to Mohammed Haroon Ali in her verdict at San Mateo County Superior Court in Redwood City. On several occasions throughout the trial, Mohammed Haroon Ali frequently apologized for the murder of his then girlfriend, Tracy Biletnikoff. Mohammed Haroon Ali maintained that the murder was an accidental incident, and was extremely remorseful for his actions, declaring "I would trade my life to bring Tracey back." However Fred Bilenikoff was not satisfied with the apology.
"There will never be any closure for me," said the said Fred Biletnikoff in a court statement. "My hatred for Ali will never go away. This animal has to be put away and never let out of prison."
Other relatives of the murder victim Tracy Biletnikoff weren’t satisfied Mohammed Haroon Ali’s explanation either.
“I will never again feel her touch, her hug, her kisses,” cried Tracy Biletnikoff’s mother.”You took away all that she was and all that she would have been."
Tracy Biletnikoff’s sister Natasha Canez pointed out that Mohammed Haroon Ali’s letter of apology to the family was dishonest considering what she could judge from the crime scene pictures of the murder victim.
Mohammed Haroon Ali, who is a native of Fiji, confessed that he had murdered then 20-year-old Tracy Biletnikoff by strangulation at Project 90, a rehab for individuals with alcohol substance abuse problems. Both had met as patients at the facility and Mohammed Haroon Ali was later working as a counselor for other troubled individuals.
That unfortunate day, Tracey Biletnikoff confronted Mohammed Haroon Ali after discovering he had relapsed into drugs and insisted that he get admitted at the center’s drug treatment program.  Mohammed Haroon Ali felt that his immigration status and councelling job would come under threat and tried to evade the situation by forcing Tracey Biletnikoff away from a doorway which she was blocking. During the heat of the moment, Mohammed Haroon Ali says he accidently strangled Tracy Biletnikoff with his bare hands.
Prosecution lawyer Steve Wagstaffe said Mohammed Haroon Ali panicked, drove Tracey Biletnikoff’s body in a van to a ravine near Cañada College in Redwood, and left her there after pulling down her pant sto make it appear like a sexual crime.
At the time of Tracey Biletnikoff’s murder, Mohammed Haroon Ali was already on probation for beating and kidnapping a former girlfriend.
The defense wanted the previous charges waived in Mohammed Haroon Ali’s conviction but Judge Barbara Mallach said both crimes were "violent and serious," and followed consequences.
"It's also very sad that although many years have passed, the defendant has very little insight into" the sufferings of others stated Judge Barbara Mallach.
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