Musical Sports Figures

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There's a high correspondence between names in the sports and music world.
We've taken note of this because that's what we do.

Jim Morrison, journeyman infielder,                Doors lead singer
Steve Howe, Dodgers and Yankees pitcher, Yes lead guitarist
Bob Welch, Dodgers and As pitcher,             Fleetwood Mac member
Joe Jackson, shoeless baseball legend        British singer-songwriter
Johnny Oates,catcher and manager             Hall & Oates co-name sake
Darryl Hall, one time Uof Wash DB               Hall & Oates co-name sake
Johnny Ray, Pirates and Angels 2nd baseman 1950s rock star
Kenny Rogers, Tigers and Rangers pitcher    Country music legend
Dave Clark ,journeyman outfielder                  Beatles imitator(Dave Clark 5)
Dave Stewart 4x20game winner                    Eurythmics co member
Albert King, basketball player                          Blues legend
Muddy Waters,brief MichiganSt. football coach Blues legend
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Brian Wilson, Giants closer, Beach Boys front man.