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My Article--Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal

12/20/09 in Tennis   |   tweto_coaino13   |   580 respect


Given Roger Federer's domination of the decade, it's almost frightening to contemplate what other records he would have set had it not been for the emergence of Rafael Nadal, with whom the Swiss shares one of tennis’ greatest-ever rivalries. Since winning their first meeting at the Sony Ericsson Open in 2004, Nadal has established a 13-7 head-to-head lead over Federer, with 16 of those 20 meetings coming in ATP World Tour and Grand Slam championship finals.

Different in so many ways, they nonetheless share an unparalleled will to win that has made for some riveting clashes – none more so than what many fans rate as the greatest match ever, the 2008 Wimbledon final. Nadal has held Federer’s number in three Roland Garros finals, and it looked as though the Swiss would always get his revenge on grass, having denied Nadal in the 2006-07 Wimbledon finals. That was until a rain-interrupted clash that finished in near-darkness at 9:15 p.m., when Nadal prevailed 9-7 in the fifth set of a four-hour, 48-minute match to dethrone the five-time defending champion.

They have played just twice since that epic encounter, with Nadal once more besting Federer over five sets in the 2009 Australian Open final and the Swiss defeating Nadal on clay for just the second time in the final of the Mutua Madrilena Madrid Open a few months later.


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2/25/10   |   Aron19

yea i can see dat...same here...however i do respect Nadal, coz of dat i made this..Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal contested what sports illustarted later proclaimed to be the greatest match ever in the 2008 Wimbledon final.

I couldn't agree with you more

1/24/10   |   r_samel88

Due to nadal fedrers half confidance is always stolen

thats the reason I like nadal

12/26/09   |   chatiyanchanthu

 well nadal is good.........well theres actually a big reason why i have to hate him----that's because rodger does.......:-)

Great kiddo. i too am a great Federer fan. Tell me. When Sampras and Agassi played each other whom did you like more? I always am a great Pete fan.

12/25/09   |   assidrachid   |   11 respect

 yea.......................................nadal is a gr88 player......but rodger is bttr than that!!!!!

  • Yeah nadal is a good player with Bad style
  • but Fedrer is the King.ITS A LIVING LEGEND

12/23/09   |   evilbitch   |   19 respect

(Edited by evilbitch)

gosh man! cant u take a joke?!i thot d smiley wud make it moron-proof...guess not!  I WAS KIDDING....get it?

12/22/09   |   manunc88

assidrachid wrote:
the king ...forever federer only federer

federer is a king of tennezzzzzzzzzzzz........

12/22/09   |   manunc88

I'm big fan of Roger Fededer!

wow dats gud even am great fan of federer

12/22/09   |   evilbitch   |   19 respect

u knw ppl...maybe v  just shud screw this everlasting discussion and watch tennis jst 4 d love of it....then again...NADAL SUCKS!!!hahaha 

12/21/09   |   vaibhavpatankar12

federer is technically sound than nadal

12/21/09   |   assidrachid   |   11 respect

the king ...forever federer only federer

12/20/09   |   mailtrv   |   1 respect

both roger and rafa are great for tennis

12/20/09   |   rickych999   |   1 respect

Nadal won 6 GS at 23 and Roger won only 1 then. Im still thinking who is the best