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With about a little more than a month to go before the NFL draft, the NFL offseason has hit its dull point. For the most part most teams have already cut ties with most of the players they were planning on cutting to free up cap room, and in general there are not too many trades in the NFL.

The Giants who are typically a very quiet team in the offseason, however with free agency opening up soon, we will be hearing a lot about players’ contracts and current negotiations which are or are not happening.

With the Giants' offseason underway, Cruz's contract situation is atop the headlines.

I feel as though these headlines and attention drawn to the issue is just the press trying to make a story. The Giants organization has shown within the last six years that they know how to build a winning roster, just look at their two Super Bowl trophies, and therefore have earned my full trust.

Over the past two seasons, Cruz has been a major playmaker for the Giants and was one of the their key players during their Super Bowl run. In my opinion, and in the eyes of many other Giants fans, it would be silly to see Cruz walk in free agency.

In 2011, Cruz caught the NFL by storm and was quickly a fan favorite in New York and was one of the league’s best slot wide receivers. 2011 was such a historic year for the receiver that it was unfair to expect numbers of the same caliber in 2012. Despite maybe not having quite the year some had hoped for, Cruz did manage to get 1,092 yards on 82 catches, 10 of which went for touchdowns.

Though those numbers were “down” from the previous year, the Giants’ offense in general was down from the previous year and was much of the reason why they missed the playoffs.

When you look at the way the NFL is shaped, it is now a passing league. It seems as though, if you want to win you need not only a franchise quarterback, but also an above average receiving core.

The point to be made is that the Giants not only need to resign Victor Cruz, but they will resign Victor Cruz. Though the Giants have watched players walk in free agency in the past, I do not see that happening in this case.

Wide receivers, especially slot receivers, are at a premium now a days. Eli Manning and Cruz have developed a great relationship and not getting a contract done with Cruz would be absurd.

One of Reese's major tasks this offseason will be to address Cruz's contract situation.

Jerry Reese has shown in the past he knows what he is doing when it comes to signing and resigning players. I have full confidence that he and Cruz’s agent will work out a deal that will make the Giants, Cruz, and the fans all happy.

Everyone relax, I see this guy as a Giant for awhile.

Article via @NewYorkSportGuy

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