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Did you know that NASCAR is now offering a degree?  That's right.  It's a degree called "ARMCHAIR NASCAR"
Most people have taken a few classes already, right from their Lazy Boy and you can too.  Here are some of the classes you can take:


PREDICTING RACE WINNERS.  That's right, you can get credit for picking a week beforehand who is going to win the next race.  My driver is better than yours and he's going to win.


PICKING OUT THE CHEATERS.  Credit for picking out the cheater such as "your driver won, he must have been cheating."  Lets face it, from their armchair people positively know when someone is cheating.  Especially when their driver lost, the other driver had to be cheating.  We don't have to be in the pits or have a job in inspection, we can tell just from the TV.


RACE CAR DRIVER MIND READING.  Your driver meant to take out my driver by crashing him.  Driver 1 purposely wrecks driver 2 (and their own car, costing lots of money).  Both of them are now out of the race.


BORED OUT OF MY MIND RACING.  Self explanatory, but just in case, this is the one where the COT is so safe that our drivers come out alive from an accident.


MOTOR BUILDING.  Driver X has an unfair advantage because his motor has more horsepower.  I'm glad to see that people can see this from just watching TV.  Easy Credit.


UNFAIR TEAM ADVANTAGE.  This is a class for those who think the other teams have better, motors, drivers, crew chiefs, ect.


NASCAR STARS.  The class that predicts the best driver, based on family ties.


I KNOW SOMEONE WHO KNOWS SOMEONE.  Take advantage of your contacts from the NASCAR family and always have the inside scoop.


How about give me more classes and a description.  I'm sure someone somewhere can come up with some classes.  Lets get credit for it and get a degree in ARMCHAIR NASCAR.


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