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This week, NASCAR is still out west, but they're in Sin City.  Las Vegas is the site for race #3, and some drivers find themselves needing Lady Luck on their side.  Who's hitting the jackpot and who's rolling snake eyes?  We're still going to have a lot of juggling for another couple of weeks, but let's give this a try anyway.  Check to see where your favorite driver is in this week's power rankings.

NEW THIS WEEK: Joey Logano
DROPPED OUT: Ryan Newman
ON THE GAS: Jimmie Johnson, Mark Martin
ON THE BRAKES: Dale Earnhardt Jr., Juan Montoya

20.Denny Hamlin (-5):
Week 2 was worse than week 1.  At least Denny got a top 20 finish in the Daytona 500, not so much at Fontana.  FedEx delivered a 29th place finish, 2 laps down, and it wasn't pretty.

19.Martin Truex Jr (-9): Martin has decided to nickname last week's car Hugo...Hugo Boom.

18.Juan Montoya (-14): Juan had a great car, unfortunately the same couldn't be said for his motor.  However, just after the restart from his kablooey, Ryan Newman said "that was lame, HERE'S how you blow a motor!"

17.Jeff Gordon (+1): Thanks to crappy days from guys behind him, he moves up, but barely.  A 20th place finish at a track you've done well at is nothing to write home about.

16.Dale Earnhardt Jr. (-14): Two races, two different Hendrick drivers, two axle problems.  The people in the parts department better hope an axle doesn't fail again this week on 1 of the 4 HMS cars, or someone will be looking for a new job.

15.Kyle Busch (-3): Yes, he led some laps, however, he HAS to drop with his 14th place finish, you'll see why when you see who the next 2 drivers are.

14.Brian Vickers:  He did lead during pit stops, and did finish 11 spots higher than he started, but in my book when you're ranked 14th and finish 12th, it's as good as a push at the blackjack other words Brian ain't goin' nowhere.

13.Joey Logano (previously NR):  #20 started #20, but didn't stay there for long.  This was an excellent run for him, and he wound up with a top 5 finish, easily earning him a spot in this week's rankings ahead of his teammate, Kyle Busch.

12.Kurt Busch (+7): Kurt was the better Busch brother at Fontana, finishing right behind Logano, but led some laps and had a slightly better chance to win than Joey.

11.David Reutimann (-2):  Last week, it was "where did you come from, this week it's "where did you go."  He finished 15th, and if he has another "where did you come from" this week, by the time they go to Atlanta we'll be calling him Cotton Eyed Joe.

Check page 2 for the top 10.

10.Tony Stewart (+6): Smoke finished in the top 10, a much better showing than the Daytona 500, although we've come to expect that.  The question is can he get to victory lane before Mother's Day.

9.Carl Edwards (-1): He finished a lucky #13 in Fontana, enough to drop a spot.  However, he better get some more Aflac for that new baby girl.  Yep, his wife FINALLY had the baby, congrats to Carl!

8.Jamie McMurray (-7):  So much for momentum.  Jamie Mac sat on the pole, but he never led a single lap.  He went backwards from the drop of the green flag and stayed there, coming home 17th.

7.Matt Kenseth:  I'll be consistent.  Matt was 7th last week.  Matt finished 7th at Fontana.  Matt is 7th in the guess where he stays in the rankings.

6.Jeff Burton (+7):  Burton had one of his best runs in a long time, and it's a welcome sight to see him up front again.  I told you those RCR cars wouldn't stay at the bottom of these rankings for long.

5.Greg Biffle (-2):  I almost hate to do this when a guy finishes in the top 10, but that's what happens when the top 4 guys finish ahead of you and you wind up 10th, sorry Biffle fans.

4.Clint Bowyer (+1):  Clint had another good run at Fontana, started 3rd, had the lead, ran up front all day long, and came home 8th.

3.Jimmie Johnson (+14):  Jimmie rebounded in a big way from another Daytona disaster, dominating this race like he does the fall one.  As a result, he ended that Roush streak in the first Fontana race.

2.Mark Martin (+9):  Mark had a strong run last week.  While he didn't win, it was a typical day.  He started in the top 10 and just started biding his time.  By the end of the day, where was Mark?  He finished 4th.

1.Kevin Harvick (+5): Happy came ever so close to winning, but got sandwiched between the 48 and the turn 4 wall with just a couple laps to go.  Regardless, he drove one hell of a race and, even though it's early, he did take the points lead and is 1 of only 4 drivers to finish in the top 10 in both of the first 2 races.

Now it's off to the desert where I expect we'll see some gambles on race day.  Hell, it's Vegas, you HAVE to!  Until next time, Ryan Newman says to Juan Montoya "anything you can do I can do better, even going out in a blaze of glory!"

BK over and out

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2/27/10   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

mk_donley wrote:
What? Danica Patrick's not on the list? OH THE CALAMITY!!!!!!!


LOL!  All kidding aside, I really wonder how many Cup races she'd be in before she had a finish good enough that I'd have to put her in the rankings.

2/27/10   |   mk_donley   |   2554 respect

What? Danica Patrick's not on the list? OH THE CALAMITY!!!!!!!


2/26/10   |   gobigblue1960   |   4805 respect

I hope my guy Kyle Busch gets it together. At Daytona he got as high as fourth late in the race, and then fell back. He needs to keep running hard at start getting those top 5 finishes on Sundays. Maybe he runs out of gas winning so many Saturday night races.

2/26/10   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

ApopCane wrote:
The most optimistic people on the planet are Junior fans.  They are like Cub fans. 

Until further notice, Jimmy Johnson should be number one.

I heard the same thing last year after he had problems in the last 4 races leading up to the Chase, to which I reminded everyone that these rankings are on a weekly basis.

2/26/10   |   Alpha_Dawg   |   1258 respect

Go Mark Go!!!

2/26/10   |   ApopCane   |   214 respect

The most optimistic people on the planet are Junior fans.  They are like Cub fans. 

Until further notice, Jimmy Johnson should be number one.

2/26/10   |   DERYKE   |   1204 respect

Is it time for JR to get the monkey off his back!!! Will Mark Martin wake up and pick up from last year? Tony were are you at .....???

2/25/10   |   Lizzo   |   324 respect

My money is on Mark Martin this week. And I hate to even say it because I am so NOT a fan, but Kyle Busch is my second pick. Ick!

2/25/10   |   CRAZY_LADY   |   355 respect

great artilce