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A New #1 and Gordon OUT?! Yep, It's True. [NASCAR Power Rankings]

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Hello out there in FanIQ Land!  Welcome to another installment of
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This is the place on Q to come each and every week to see where your favorite driver fares following every race.  These rankings can be a roller coaster for some drivers over the course of the season, while some remain consistent all year long.  Some drivers may have dropped out, while some new faces may be on the list this week in their place.  Check below to find out where your driver is ranked this week following Richmond!  But first this week's dishonorable mention:

Jeff Gordon:
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That's right, Gordon is out.  He got in early trouble with Kurt Busch after the competition yellow, and tore up the right side of the car.  By the end of the night, Gordon finished a lap down in 23rd.  Folks, it's just not Gordon's year, trouble has found him the way trouble used to find Rusty Wallace at plate tracks.  He may still be 17th in the standings, but he's out of this week's rankings.

Mark Martin
Kasey Kahne
A.J. Allmendinger

Aric Almirola
Jeff Burton
Jeff Gordon

Kyle Busch
Tony Stewart
Jimmie Johnson

Joey Logano
Kevin Harvick
Martin Truex Jr.

Now let's get to that top 20 list!

20. A.J. Allmendinger (previously NR):
Blog Photo - NASCAR Power Rankings: Talladega
The Dinger had a solid night, finishing on the lead lap in 16th, and while it wasn't the best of nights, it was better than the likes of Gordon and, once again, Kurt Busch.  He's much closer to the top 20 in the standings, one point back in fact, and just 8 points behind Gordon in 17th.  I'd like to see this kid win a race at some point this year.  It may not have been pretty, but it's enough to get into the very bottom of this week's rankings.

19. Joey Logano (-7):
Blog Photo - NASCAR Power Rankings: Talladega
Sliced bread was more like burnt toast Saturday night.  After having a fairly consistent year, Logano wound up a lap down in 24th.  Those who are wondering why Joey is in the rankings and Jeff Gordon is out, consider this, Joey was 12th in last week's rankings and lost 7 spots...Gordon was already back in 18th.

18. Jamie McMurray (+1):
Blog Photo - NASCAR Power Rankings: Talladega
Who doesn't love a bit of consistency?  Jamie Mac finished on the lead lap 14th, which wasn't stellar, but bumps him up 1 spot in the standings to 18th, so he moves up 1 spot in the rankings to 18th.  Now that we're off to Talladega, he could move up a lot more.  Remember he's won his share of plate races.

17. Mark Martin (previously NR):
Blog Photo - NASCAR Power Rankings: Talladega
The old man still has something left in the tank.  He won't be in the rankings every week since he's not running a full schedule, but when he's behind the wheel for Michael Waltrip he's made the most of it.  He started on the pole for the second time this year, led some laps, and wound up a very solid 8th when the night was over.  Could he possibly shove Handsome Harry to the side at some point this year?  The way he's run, it could happen!  Even with missing 2 races he's STILL 19th in points and has more top 10s than 7 drivers ahead of him in the standings!

16. Kasey Kahne (previously NR):
Blog Photo - NASCAR Power Rankings: Talladega
It's about time!  You know this kid is so freakin' happy this week!  For once he had a good car and finished the night with a good car...and would you look at that?  Kasey got his first top 5 of the year.  Maybe this is the turning point for him, he needed a good run and boy did he get one!

15. Juan Pablo Montoya (+1):
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The hot-headed Colombian earned himself another top 12 finish.  Consistency does help to a certain degree, and as long as you don't hit any slow-moving vehicles and finish reasonably well, you're probably  going to stay in the rankings

14. Paul Menard:
Blog Photo - NASCAR Power Rankings: Talladega
Paul moves absolutely nowhere.  He finished 13th in the race, stayed 14th in the standings, and stays 14th in the rankings.  I love when ranking drivers is this easy!

13. Kevin Harvick (-7):
Blog Photo - NASCAR Power Rankings: Talladega
Happy not happy, yikes!  Harvick usually runs exceptionally well at Richmond...not this time.  Kevin finished the night the last car on the lead lap in 19th and never made it up to the front.  It wasn't pretty at all!

12. Brad Keselowski (+3):
Blog Photo - NASCAR Power Rankings: Talladega
Brad normally would've moved up 2 spots with a 9th place finish, but he leapfrogs over Harvick thanks to his abysmal night.  The Blue Deuce not finishing in the top 10 in a short track race is like the sun not rising, it just doesn't happen.

11. Ryan Newman (-1):
Blog Photo - NASCAR Power Rankings: Talladega
Newman finished 15th.  It's not terrible, but it's not the greatest either.  Hey, at least his crew didn't choke on the pit stop when he had a shot to win...oops, did I say that out loud?

Check page 2 for the top 10 after these messages and a word from your local stations.
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