NASCAR makes a rule change just before practice, but is is going to help?

Gearing up for the Duels at Daytona

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Before NASCAR decided to implement Electronic Fuel Injection to the engines we might have seen a restrictor plate change.  That would be NASCAR's way of slowing down the cars.  However, changing the restrictor plate now is a bigger deal.  So what can NASCAR do to slow the cars down?  They increase the PSI of the Pop off Valve.

The pop-off valve, found on the radiator, is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  (By the way, trying to find a picture of one on the internet is next to impossible.)  However, temperatures are expected to be in the 80's over the n
ext few days, and NASCAR wanted to make a change to both slow the cars down in the pack and give the cars some relief from overheating.  The PSI of the pop off valve has been adjusted, and may be adjusted further.  

Unfortunately, that pop off valve adjustment won't keep the cars on the track.  Both Brad Keselowski and Kasey Kahne have hit the grass today in practices, after minimal contact from a car behind.  Kasey Kahne went to a back-up car, but got no time to practice with it as it came without an engine.  

NASCAR wanted to get rid of the two car tandem and another  way they tried to adjust for that was to reduce the rear spoiler.  Thankfully, the spoiler running down the left rear from the roof to that rear spoiler is still there, although it doesn't seem to be as effective, given the way the cars are wrecking after minimal contact.  I'm not an engineer, so don't look to me for a complete explanation.  However, I am a fan, and I know what I've seen so far isn't necessarily what us fans want to see.  

A safe race is what we want to see.  No airborne cars, no huge wrecks, no more Jeff Gordon on his roof.  In case you haven't seen it yet, here it is.

I'm sure we will see more of that.  It seems inevitible, given that we are at Daytona.  it's costly to the teams, dangerous to the drivers, but exciting for the fans.   By most accounts, the drivers enjoy the pack racing more than the two pack tandem.  Dale Jr said he had a lot of fun.  So did Kevin Harvick.  Honestly, so did I.  

I just hope and pray that no one gets hurt.  

We'll be back for the Duels at Daytona tomorrow, but in the meantime, here are the links for the  entry lists for Duel #1 and for Duel #2,   My pick for the win in race 1 is Dale Jr. (Duh) and in Duel 2, I'm taking Ryan Newman.  Both drivers have a really good idea about how to get around Daytona.  Dale will have the toughest time, given that Tony Stewart and Kevin Harvick are in the race.  Ryan Newman will have Jeff Gordon who I believe will be his biggest competition.  That's not to say any one of the other 49 driver in both races can't get it done.  
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could some one tell me if The Duel races are online?

Yes, SPEED is livestreaming them I believe.  And we have a live Race thread too smiley

Live Race Thread 

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Just watched Kenny Wallace's reality show "Chasing Daytona" and now I have an even better reason to watch the Duels tomorrow.  GO KENNY!!