NBA All Star Three Point Contest

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The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) three-point contest squad has finally been publicized. Jeremy Lin will not be a part of the squad; Columbia Broadcasting System reported, which is a major and diverse television network of the United States of America.
Defending champion of Miami Heat, James Jones as well as his team mate Mario Chalmers will be in the squad. Joining them is Ryan Anderson who plays forward at Orlando Magic, Kevin Love who plays as a forward, too, for Minnesota Timberwolves, Anthony Morrow, who is a Net Guard for New Jersey and Atlanta Hawks guard Joe Johnson.
The major flaw associated with this line up is the absence of star power. Apart from Kevin Love, the rest of the squad lacks that level of supremacy that was depicted by legends like Ray Allen and Paul Pierce last year. 
Although Chalmers rank 6th, sadly, none of the others lie in the top twenty. Anderson is 22nd, Love is 63rd, Morrow is 26th   and Johnson is 65th   .
The above mentioned players are not even the best when considered statistically. Statistical leaders like Brandon and Allen will all be absent, causing further concern with the apparent line up.
J.J. Reddick and Kyle Korver are the specialists who would have given the most expertise for a “skill” competition, which is a positive side of the story. Nevertheless, the whole situation seems as if the National Basketball Association is trying to enhance the fame of specific young players and is trying to make them popular but giving the better ones like Allen some time off.
If one is not accustomed to the sport, below are the rules of the game as provided by the Columbia Broadcasting System:
“The players will compete in the two-round competition with the top three finishers from the first round advancing to the finals. Five shooting stations will be set up around the three-point line, with four Official Spalding NBA game balls worth one point each and one Spalding NBA All-Star 2012 commemorative “money ball” worth two points at each location. Each player will have one minute to shoot as many balls as he can. In the final round, players will shoot in ascending order of first-round scores. At the discretion of the referee, television instant replay may be consulted for clarification of rules compliance.”
The event will occur on Feb. 25th ,Saturday, in Orlando at the Amway Centre in the Downtown area, and it will be crammed between the slam dunk contest and the skills challenge.
The money ball mentioned above is an irony of its kind. It’s like watching the participants heave a ball that appears to be more like a Women’s National Basketball Association ball and not the one that is used by the National Basketball Association.
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