NBA All-Star Flashbacks: 1988 Dunk Contest - Michael Jordan vs Dominique Wilkins

2/11/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Throughout the week we'll be flashing back to the classic highlights of NBA All-Star Weekends past ...

I figure we might as well start this out the right way and feature arguably the best NBA All-Star Weekend highlight of all-time. The pinnacle of the Dunk Contest was obviously in 1988 when Dominique Wilkins and Michael Jordan were in their own galaxy when it came to this art.

The field featured the last three dunk champions -- go figure, players returned to defend their titles -- '85 Wilkins, '86 Spud Webb and Jordan the '87 king. That'll never happen again.

This was a time when dunk contests were must watch television and this was the first that I can remember watching live. For the next several years I'd spend the rest of the night pretty my short white ass was also capable of such gravity defying moves on my nerf hoop. Usually injuring myself in the process.

Dominique and Jordan's first dunks were probably their very best. Wilkins pure jaw dropping vertical leap and MJ's ability to make this look so effortless forever define the event. 'Nique's two-handed windmill, head over the rim, seemingly stopped to have coffee at the top dunk is still my favorite in history. Despite growing up a Michael Jordan fan, it's hard to argue against the fact the Human Highlight Film deserved to win if the contest was held anywhere other than old Chicago Stadium.

Enjoy ... again.
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