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Who is the Favorite to Win the NBA Title?

5/10/12 in NBA   |   GeorgeMon   |   159 respect

Now that we are deep into the first round of the NBA playoffs, and have seen multiple games from each team, it's time to ask, who is the favorite to win this years NBA title?
If you were ask 10 people you would probably receive three to four different answers based on some sort of bias. I, for one, always think the Lakers are the favorite no matter the situation (that's why I am such a horrible gambler).  Since we are all going to disagree on who this year’s title favorite is, let's defer to the Vegas odds makers and see what they think and maybe even find a nice spot to bet on. (Odds were taken from LinesMaker)
Hawks/Nuggets: 200/1: both teams are down 3-2 and might already be eliminated by the team you are reading this. The odds makers believe that both teams have a .005 percent chance to pull off a miracle comeback and ride that momentum into a Finals appearance and win. I know anything can happen in sports but this isn't football; add a couple more zeros to those percentage points.
Bulls/Grizzlies: 40/1: another situation where both teams are down 3-2, but with one big difference, Memphis still has a shot to win this series. They could easily win game 6 in LA and force a game 7 in Memphis where they'd be a heavy favorite. The Grizzlies would then have to face a Spurs team that they beat in last years playoffs, possibly a Thunder team that they took to 7 games last year, and a Heat team that would be facing all the pressure in the world during the finals. I'm not saying it’s going to happen but I wouldn't be shocking if it did.
April 26, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah (left) and Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose (right) sit on the bench during the second half against the Cleveland Cavaliers at the United Center. The Bulls beat the Cavaliers 107-75.  Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE
Injuries to Rose and Noah have all but ended Chicago's title hopes

The Bulls on the other hand have no shot. Look, I feel just as bad as the rest of the NBA world about Derrick Rose's injury, but let's be realistic. The Bulls have less of a chance than both Atlanta and Denver. Chicago would have to go through Boston, Miami and whatever power house emerges from the Western Conference.
76ers: 35/1: Even though Philly got a huge break with the injuries to Rose and Noah, they are not about to lie down during these playoffs. They still need to finish off the Bulls, but could definitely make some noise in the second round of the playoffs. But with that being said, Philly has no chance at winning the title. Even if Miami and Boston's players were all hurt, the 76ers could not beat whatever team comes out of the West.
Clippers: 30/1: The Clippers have a tough road to the NBA Finals, if they can even make it out of the first round, which is not a given since Chris Paul and Blake Griffin have re-aggravated old injuries. They would have to get through the Spurs, Lakers or Thunder and a Miami or Boston team coming out of the East. 30 to 1, which is about a 3 percent chance, seems right.
Pacers: 20/1: The odds makers are giving the Pacers a .05 chance of winning the NBA title. While I do not think the Pacers are a power house by any means, there is value getting 20/1. The Pacers would have to go through Miami and possibly Boston to get out of the East, and would be underdogs to both teams, but neither are horrible match ups.
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