NBA Cutting Down on Flopping

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Every off-season, the NBA takes a step back and tries to improve its game with new rules and regulations, so that the game is refined in every way possible.
This year, the NBA is trying to address the issue of flopping.  The present day NBA has more floppers than ever before.  In the ‘80’s and ‘90’s floppers would’ve been considered marginal players trying to make a living.  Nowadays, even the best of players flop on occasion. 
The difficulty, of course, is calling a flop in real time.  One of the hardest plays for a referee to distinguish between is a charge and a block.  Flopping would either fall into the category of a block if the contact inhibits the offensive player in any way or if there is no contact at all; the flop would be simply a no call. 
If the NBA, however, wants to seriously address the issue of flopping.  They may call a foul for flopping regardless of whether it impedes the offensive player at all. 
Kendrick Perkins thinks that the league cracking down on flopping is a great idea.  "I like it. I like it ... It's bad for the game and I'm glad they're making guys stand by it now."
Those that are known for their flopping; don’t think it’ll really affect them either way.
Cavaliers C Anderson Varejao said, "I never flopped," he deadpanned with a wide smile.

Basketball purists have to be excited by the league taking a stance on flopping.  The histrionics and theatrical flops by players make the game difficult to watch at times.  Hopefully, the new rules will make defenses tougher and players smarter.
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