NBA Draft Trade Rumors: Baron Davis to Detroit? Miami Opting Out Of No. 2?

Sorting Through All The B.S. Before The Draft Is No Easy Task

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We're approaching the countdown to the NBA Draft when we'll really start to hear some crazy rumors leaked, usually by those inside the war rooms, in hopes of throwing off those teams picking in front of them. It happens every year, and yet we fail to remember the silly rumors tossed a year ago, and immediately jump into the next batch each June.

Why? Because it's fun and there are no rules. I have no inside scoop (obviously), but I do have common sense and here's how I see today's batch of NBA rumors breaking down:

Worth Following
  • I wouldn't be surprised in the least with a Miami Heat trade at No. 2. Whether it's with New York, or possibly even Memphis. Problem is the Heat are demanding Mike Conley in any deal to team with Wade but that's the one player GM Chris Wallace is refusing to let go. 
  • I also wouldn't be surprised in the least if Pat Riley just went ahead and selected O.J. Mayo. He likes to be a little different and isn't going to be bothered by the public pressure that Beasley is the obvious choice.
  • With two first round picks again this year, expect Seattle to trade down a few spots to take the best point guard available, perhaps teaming Kevin Durant with his former point guard D.J. Augustin. This would free up some cash and also get a better value for their most desired position.
  • Memphis swapping picks with New York. Grizzlies are apparently set on Kevin Love and could definitely get him in the No. 6 spot. There's also the possibly, and more would have to be involved, but if Minnesota takes Love at No. 3, Memphis would exchange their pick for David Lee. Sounds like something Grizzlies management would be stupid enough agreeing to.

Just Ignore
  • It's pretty sad the Dwyane Wade to the Bulls rumor continues to be mentioned by anyone following the sport. It's not going to happen. Chicago has a chance to get one of two future stars, both of which don't have any current injury concerns. Why would they give up that for a player who's only thrived with Shaq. This is probably more than likely a rumor leaked to hopefully Now, as I mentioned above I wouldn't be surprised if Wade were traded to someone else. 
  • Baron Davis to Detroit. Sounds intriguing, but once again I don't see the common sense factor allowing this to work out without one team completely abusing the other.
  • Russell Westbrook to Seattle at No. 4. Still not buying this. Jerryd Bayless will be selected before him.
Feel free to rumormonger with the best right here.
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6/26/08   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

Read this rumor at the FanHouse and David Stern needs to make it happen... Gerald Wallace and 9th and 20th picks to Memphis for the 5th and 28th picks.  Who cares what either team picks, but we'd have Gerald Wallace and Rudy Gay playing together on a fast pace team.  Memphis would still suck but they'd be fun as hell to watch.