NBA Draft pick #28 - San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs go overseas again at No. 28

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The reigning Western Conference champion San Antonio Spurs have selected Livio Jean-Charles from French Guiana with the 28th pick in the NBA Draft.

Blog Photo - NBA Draft pick #28 - San Antonio SpursHe's not be a big name, but that's just what the Spurs want.  He will likely sit on the bench, get yelled at by Pop, grow as a human being, then explode on the scene at exactly the appropriate time.   The Spurs obviously have a great track record when it comes to talent evaluation and this pick will likely continue to back that up even if we don't see him on the court this season.

He may not even come to US for a few years, another of San Antonio's signature move.

Jean-Charles emerged on the scene at the Nike Hoops Summit.  The small forward had a Kawhi  Leonard-esque game against the US team he faced.  He showed that he could score, defend, he is long and he works hard at both end.

The Spurs have a few needs but it is unlikely that they will be directly addressed in the draft.  The Spurs are more like an MLB team when it comes to franchise organization than an NBA team.  They don't just draft thinking about the present.  Their draft picks are intended to become good players down the road after careful development and grooming.  

The Spurs need to add more ball handling depth and extra bodies to help keep Timmy fresh and eventually replace part of his production, but those are not pressing needs and may not even be a part of the draft team's calculations.

Even if Jean-Charles is able to fill one of these need areas, it's unlikely he likely will not get thrown into the fire next year much anyway.  But even though he likely won't get much, if any, playing time, Jean-Charles ought to feel like the luckiest guy in the draft.
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