NBA Finals Game 1: We Are All Rooting for the Cavs

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If you weren't previously a Spurs (or a nun I guess) and you're rooting for the San Antonio you're evil. I'm not sure I can remember a Finals where the rooting interest was so heavily one-sided. Can you?

After what has seemed like two weeks, we're finally ready for some basketball and the casual fans seem geniunely interested. Thank you, Lebron.

You made your series predictions here and got a chance to see what the experts are picking, but here's a smattering of predictions from the blogosphere:

Dan Shanoff: Spurs in 5
Just Call Me Juice: Spurs in 6 (Manu MVP)
The Big Lead: Cavs in 6
A Price Above Bip Roberts: Spurs in 5 (LBJ for 56 in Game 2?)
Futon Report: Spurs in 5
Sports Frog: Cavs in 7
The Feed: Spurs in 6
WBRS Sports Blog: Spurs in 6
The Starting Five: Spurs in 6
True Hoop: Opted not to give one. Who does he work for again?
(If I missed your prediction, send me a note and I'll happily include it here)

We've said all the needs to be said before it starts. Go Cavs! But there will be plenty to talk about tonight, so join me here for the Game 1 Live-Thread

80% say Spurs win tonight

NBA Finals Predictions (FanIQ)
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