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NBA Regular Season Wins Futures Odds

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Oct 25, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson (3) dribbles the ball against Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose (1) during the first quarter at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY SportsThe sports betting season travels faster than most gamblers would care to admit. The NFL season is already eight weeks in and basketball is only a few short days way. Doesn’t it only feel like a few days ago that Ray Allen that huge corner three and the San Antonio Spurs fell apart late in Game 7? Well, to me it does. The basketball offseason must have been the quickest summer ever and sports bettors went from the dog-days of August immediately into the greatest sports time of the year—November to February. The fall and winter is the time of year when three of the four major professional sports are in play along with college football and basketball.

Let’s just jump right in and of over the regular season wins totals for a few NBA teams and figure out which futures have the best value to wager on.

Atlanta Hawks: 39.5

Over: the Hawks are usually a solid regular season team and should easily be able to win over 40 games this year. Last season the team won 44 games and made the playoffs as the six seed.

 Boston Celtics: 28

Under: the Celtics may be laughable bad this season, and will have no offense whatsoever until Rajon Rondo returns from his ACL injury. And even then, they might not have much of an offense. Boston management would never admit it, but the team is tanking in hopes getting the number one spot in the Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes.

Brooklyn Nets: 52

Over: Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett instantly add what the Nets were missing and desperately needed last year—veteran leadership and toughness. The team won 49 games last season and expect KG and Pierce to be good for another five to six wins.

Charlotte Bobcats: 26.5

Under: the Bobcats won 21 games last season, which was a 14 game improvement over the previous year. The problem for Charlotte is that they are not every good and do not have the talent to make a five game improvement from last season.


Chicago Bulls: 56.5

Under: Derrick Rose is back! Finally! But, unfortunately for Bulls fans his return won’t be enough to go over 56 games. The Bulls will be a good team this season, but there is not need to coach Thibs to push this squad during the regular season.

Cleveland Cavaliers: 40

Under: The Cavs only won 24 games last year. Sure they have gotten better and will have a few players returning from injury, but winning 40 games is a lot. Expect the Cavs to win in the low 30s.

Dallas Mavericks: 43.5

Under: Dallas was a .500 last year and I see no reason why the win improve this year.

Denver Nuggets: 46.5

Under: The Nugget lost George Carl and a couple of key players to injury and free agency. Take the under.

Detroit Pistons: 40

Over: The Pistons have a solid team with some talent on the roster and should be able to get at least 40 wins this season.

Golden State Warriors: 51.5

Over: The Warriors are stacked. If they are not the most talented team in the league—that distinction might still belong to Miami—they are definitely the most exciting. GoldenState has the right type of players and coach to make a solid run and at the bare minimum be must-see TV every night.

Houston Rockets: 55

Under: We all seem to forget that Dwight Howard was still injured last season and could hardly play—and when he did, he wasn’t very good. James Harden is a super star, but that alone wont’ be enough to win over 55 games.

Indiana Pacers: 55.5

Under: The Pacers are going to be very good and a legitimate threat in the East, but they simply aren’t built to win over 55 games this season. Expect Indiana to have a 53 win season, simply because of the style of basketball that they play.

Los Angeles Clippers: 55.5

Over: The Clippers won 56 games last season without Doc Rivers, so this number is extremely low. Expect Rivers to keep the team focused and edgy throughout the year on the way to over 60 wins and a top seed in the West.

Los Angeles Lakers: 35

Over: Kobe may be out for the beginning part of the season, but what most basketball fans forget is just how good Pau Gasol really is. Expect Gasol to flourish in an offensive system that now runs through him. These Lakers are easily a 45 win team.

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