NBA MVP Right Now?

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Right now - there are four legitimate contenders for the NBA MVP of the regular season - however, the three candidates sitting behind LeBron James are just hoping and praying that the writers don't give it to him because he is LeBron and clearly the top player in the league.

However - the award has never truly been defined. Is it to go to the best player on the best team? Or the player that is most valuable to his team? 

Feb 21, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA;  Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul (3) and San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker (9) in the second half of the game at the Staples Center. Spurs won 116-90. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY SportsThat common disconnect between fans and writers often angers many people in the MVP selection process because if one makes the argument that Tony Parker is the top player and leader of the best team in the league - why shouldn't he win the MVP?

If Chris Paul is the missing ingredient to the Clippers success and when they play without him they become a .500 ball-club, why doesn't he take home the prize?

If LeBron is the best player in the NBA - why doesnt he bring home his 4th MVP trophy? He is truly the best all-around player in the league, but there is still some debate? Why? 

Kevin Durant is the top scorer in the league and he continues to hit shots when it matters most - so if you're that guy for the 2nd ranked team in the Western "better" Conference, why not him? 

When it comes down to it - no one knows what is going through sports-writers minds when choosing the NBA MVP - because there is no true definition of an MVP - it is all relative and up for discussion or a matter of opinion. 

Everyone knows LeBron is the top player in the league - by a large margin - but is he the most important part of his team? Over Parker for San Antonio? Or Chris Paul for LA? I'm not sure....
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