NBA Orlando Summer League Highlights

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Blog Photo - NBA Orlando Summer League HighlightsIt’s hard to take NBA Summer League play too seriously with such a small sample of NBA talent actually participating.  Half of the starting lineups are composed of players that might barely even see the court this year, if at all.  But there are still a few things you can gather from following it closely.  Whether you’re looking for some late round fantasy sleepers or just interested in who may be key players on certain teams this year, the Summer League can potentially help point you in the right direction.
Today marked the end of the Orlando Summer League and the beginning of Vegas, so here are some of the highlights from this past week in Orlando from the 10 teams that competed (1st year players only):
Victor Oladipo, G/F, Orlando Magic
So I guess he’s a point guard now?  The Magic had second overall pick Oladipo running the point the entire week and the results were pretty mixed, but mostly positive.  He struggled from the field in a few games, but really spread the stat sheets on most occasions.  In game 1 he recorded 18 points, 7 assists, and 6 rebounds.  In game 4, he scored 24 points, dished out 6 assists and added 3 steals and 3 three balls. 
Fantasy Spin: The move from winger to point guard officially makes Oladipo one of the most interesting and difficult to predict rookies from a fantasy perspective in the last 5 to 10 years.  The Magic apparently plan to play him at both guard positions this year, sometimes with Jameer Nelson, other times with Arron Afflalo.  I personally thing he fits far better as a shooting guard in the NBA than at the point, but either way, I think steals will be his strongest asset this season.  Points will probably be inconsistent while assists and overall efficiency will greatly depend on what position he ends up playing, and how often the ball is in his hands.
Michael Carter-Williams, PG, Philadelphia 76ers
A very strange week for Carter-Williams.  In a lot of ways, he put up great numbers and in possibly more ways, his numbers were terrible.  For instance, in game 1, he recorded 26 points, 7 rebounds, and 8 assists, but the line was sort of tainted by his 9 turnovers.  The following game he didn’t turn the ball over a single time but shot 4-20 from the field and scored only 13 points.  Then in Thursday’s game he floated back up to 8 turnovers on 3-10 shooting.
Fantasy Spin: If you’re putting together a team that’s willing to sacrifice turnovers and field goal percentage on a regular basis, I can’t advice you enough to seek out Carter Williams for your draft.  On the other hand, if efficiency is what you are looking for, I’d strongly advice you to steer as clear as humanly possible from someone I could easily see shooting around 35% from the field while averaging over 5 turnovers a game.
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