NBA Owners, David Stern Once Again Show Their Greed

6/22/12 in NBA   |   Anthony_Raia   |   37 respect

Earlier this week Yahoo! Sports reported that the NBA wants to pull players from playing in the Olympics after this year. The United States would still put a team in the Olympics, but it would be an under 23 team consisting of likely mostly college players. What is the NBA's reasoning for this? It isn't that they are concerned about player injuries, it's because the NBA owners are not making any profit from the Olympics.
Jul 3, 1992; Portland, OR, USA: FILE PHOTO; USA dream team guard Michael Jordan reacts to teammate Karl Malone (11) against Puerto Rico during the 1992 Tournament of the Americas at Memorial Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: US PRESSWIRE
Instead the owners want to create their own international tournament in which they would share in the profit. Absurd isn't it? This coming from a league who likely made a lot of money off of a documentary on the 1992 Dream Team. Stern and the owners are ruining the the spirit of the Olympic games by threatening to take out NBA players in order to make more money for themselves.

This after we almost lost this NBA season because the owners claim they don't make enough money.
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