NBA Players #OccupyTwitter

Who else is sick of NBA players whining about the lockout on twitter?

10/11/11 in NBA   |   GmenJohn88   |   88 respect

So I follow Lebron on Twitter mainly to see all the ridiculous stuff he says then make fun of him for it. I think I am going to unfollow him soon, because I cannot stand reading all his lockout tweets making him seem like the victim. My Twitter feed is literally full of NBA stars tweeting each other about how much they want to play basketball and how they do it for the love of the game. Lebron has even gone to dedicate his entire twitter page to his fans, posting pictures of fans wearing his gear as his background.
There’s nothing like saving your brand name when times are hard, huh Lebron? Nothing is more infuriating than listening to these selfish billionaires whine about how unfair life is. Remember when Lebron said he didn’t care about normal people because he was going on vacation and everyone else had to go back to living their terrible lives after the playoffs? Remember when he left Cleveland because he had to do what was best for Lebron? Stop acting like you care about the fans now. That goes for all NBA stars. The owners offered you 50/50 and you turned it down. Sure, you do it for the love of the game. Before you know it, NBA players will be occupying Wall Street claiming they are part of the 99% too.  
Here’s a simple solution to the lockout. You wanna play? Take a bigger pay cut, and boom! The lockout is over.
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10/11/11   |   Soxfest   |   768 respect

Stay out all year nobody cares!

10/11/11   |   Soxfest   |   768 respect

Stay out all year nobody cares!

10/11/11   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

Unlike MLB, this is all the owners doing.  If teams can't make money with a salary cap, that's the team's fault.  Period.

I've heard more whining from players wanting to play than from fans wanting to see NBA games being played...

10/11/11   |   Murphy24   |   278 respect

It all falls on the owners. Dumb owners giving out dumb contracts and then complaining about not making enough money. Travis Outlaw gets 5 years and $35 million. Darko gets $5 million a year. That says it all.

10/11/11   |   RaiderSteeler15   |   21423 respect

Greed, that's all it is at the end of the day...