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The Absolute Best Analysis, Jinxing, Optimism and Despair from Day 1: NBA Playoffs

4/29/12 in NBA   |   GFortier   |   520 respect

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Try to recall all the outlandish things your father has yelled at the television while watching his favorite sports team in a big game. Now picture your drunk uncle, your hilarious older cousin, or maybe even your racist grandmother. Now give them all the gift of the Internet, and this, more or less, is what you would get-- dumb, funny, regrettable, over-the-top knee-jerk comments immortalized.

Best Jinx
Shump gonna be perfect when their players get tired legs. This is looking GOOD for US.. they get TIRED..we get STRONGER.

Said by WAGSY on

Best Reaction to Rose's Injury
Is someone a doctor on this blog? What does it mean if he can't walk to the locker? How bad can it be??
-He's gonna die, sorry.
-- Don't worry, I've watched Scrubs.
---- It's probably ebola, we'll have to put him down by this time tomorrow.
----- It could be very bad. 
Said by a consortium of concerned Bulls fans on 

Best 'Glass Half Full'
If it is what we think it is, then Rose is only going to have to spend half as much on shoes for the rest of his life.
Said by Tray23 on

Best Insult of Mike Bibby
Damn, Bibby is limping. That means he's running in reverse now.
Said by XMen_Returns on

Best Sour Grapes
Let's all quit pretending Durant was clutch. He threw up a one handed twenty foot jumper over great defense and got a lucky bounce. He misses that shot 9 out of 10. God damnit. 
Said JRinc24 on

Best Veiled Racism
Kevin Durant = 1 of the classiest players in the NBA. Doesn't shoot off his mouth, respectful, speaks english, isn't covered with ugly tattoos and is a good role model for kids.
Said by King_Kong_Lives on

Best Knee-Jerk GM
We need to trade Granger, Collison, and our first rounder for Eric Gordon or we'll never ever win a playoff series.
Said by RySenkari on

Best Call Out (also Best Diss on Women) 
You guys sound like women who watch basketball.....I never heard so many men hate on another sounds like women at a hair shop.
Said by YoungNasa72301 on

Can't wait to see what today's playoff games will bring! 
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