NBA Power Rankings: Top 10 teams from Week 2

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Although there’s a certain unpredictability towards establishing a permanent niche on the NBA power rankings with the teams having played just a few games so early in the season, it’s a necessary assessment of the weekly progress made by teams.
After Dwight Howard’s departure the Orlando Magic have no one to anchor the offense despite their 2-0 record, and the Denver Nuggets can’t be labeled that bad just based in an early 0-3 record.
So let’s just skip ahead to this week’s power ranking to ascertain that assumption.
1. Miami Heat, 2-1: Not much changes for the Miami Heat (who ranked No.1 in last week’s Power ranking) with LeBron James fueling the offense with his scoring ability. The Miami Heat lost just one game to the New York Knicks on an emotional night, but Ray Allen has been consistent with the 3-pointers so things seem to be working well.
2. San Antonio Spurs, 3-0: The San Antonio Spurs usually seem to do well in the regular season and with All-Star shooting guard Mani Ginobili back things look even brighter. However, we just don’t know how far down the road they can go for the playoffs.
3. New York Knicks: The New York Knicks made it to the top ten this week powered by an inspirational win over the Miami Heat after the Hurricane Sandy struck the East coast. They topped it with another home win over the Philadelphia 76ers. Carmelo Anthony fits in well at power forward and the New York Knicks guarantee more excitement with the anticipated return of Amar’e Stoudemire.
4. Los Angeles Clippers, 2-1: The Los Angeles Clippers’ bench squad shows the right type of chemistry with Jamal Crawford’s scoring spark off the bench and Eric Bledsoe’s performance so far this season. And that too in the absence of Grant Hill and an out-of-shape Lamar Odom. The Los Angeles Clippers just might be the deepest team in the NBA.
5. Indian Pacer, 2-1: The impact of forward Danny Granger’s absence could be felt on the Indiana Pacers’ offense but their trying to balance that flaw with a strong defense. Paul George’s been making a noteworthy contribution so far this season for the Indiana Pacers, averaging 14 points and 13 rebounds per game.
6. Oklahoma City Thunder, 1-2: Kevin Durant just can’t carry the load after James Harden’s departure. However, the talented young Oklahoma City Thunder roster will get past the early chemistry issue and Kevin Durant is still leading the offense.
7. Memphis Grizzlies, 1-1: The Memphis Grizzlies seem determined not to get distracted by the ownership change. But let’s hope that Robert Pera adds a new outside jumper in his very first move to give the Memphis Grizzlies an edge this season.
8. Boston Celtics, 1-2: The refurnished bench squad has failed to deliver in the first few games. Although Jeff Green was impressive in the preseason, that spell didn’t last long. The Boston Celtics still have to figure how to bolster defense when Kevin Garnett takes a breather.
9. Chicago Bulls, 2-1: The Chicago Bulls are putting up a remarkable fight in the absence of All-Star point guard Derrick Rose but there are still prevailing scoring issues. The Chicago Bulls starters are struggling to stretch the floor and they have no outside threat.
10. Brooklyn Nets, 1-0: The Brooklyn Nets claimed victory in the home opener and seem to have a deep roster going forward.
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