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NBA MVP Odds: Can LeBron Win Four in Five Years?

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Oct 18, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat small forward LeBron James (6) during the second half against the Detroit Pistons at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE
Lebron is the favorite to win another MVP award-- it would be his fourth in five years.
Lebron James: Even
Lebron is the favorite to win his fourth MVP trophy in five years. He would join exclusive company and stand along side Bill Russell as the only men to win four MVP awards in a five year span. The key here is that the media loves Lebron and are practically already handing him the award, so it would take a major catastrophe or an epic season from another player to tear the award away from him.
Kevin Durant: +400
Durant is showing excellent value at +400 to win the MVP award. If there is any player in the league that can have such an epic and legendary season that the media voters are forced to give the award to someone other than James, it would be Kevin Durant. What if the Thunder go 65-17 (which they are extremely capable of doing) and KD averages 30-9-5 (which he is also extremely capable of)? This year will probably be Lebron’s season, but if anyone is capable of stealing the MVP award its Kevin Durant.
Kobe Bryant: +500
Kobe is still an elite player and someone you want on your team, but it would take a boarder line miracle for him to win this year's MVP award. First the Lakers would have to have a better record than both the Heat and Thunder, who will probably win over 60 games a piece. Second, he would have to average near 30 points per game on a team that is going to rely on ball movement and running pick and rolls through Nash. And to top it all off, Kobe’s minutes will probably be drastically reduced this season, so even though he has the talent to win another MVP award, his playing time and point production will keep him out of the race.
Dwight Howard: +700   Steve Nash: +1,000
Kobe doesn’t have to do as much work on the court as he did in the past, but you are crazy if you think he would let either of these guys win an MVP award over him-- especially Nash. Don’t think that Kobe still isn’t fuming over the fact that Nash was voted MVP over him during a year when he led the league in scoring (35 PPG) and carried the Lakers to 45-37 record with Kwame Brown and Smush Parker on the roster. Howard and Nash have almost no chance of winning an MVP award.
Dwyane Wade: +1,000
Wade is expected to be healthy and make more of an impact this year, but we all know whose team he is on-- Lebron James’ team. The only way Wade could win the MVP is if Lebron gets injured and the Heat still some how manage to get 60 wins. But those two things can’t happen right?
Chris Paul: +2,000, Deron Williams: +2,000
Paul and Williams are showing great value at +2,000 each. Each guy is on a team that is capable of winning 50 games this season and while they both are still a long shot, I would not be surprised to see either one win the award the same way  Derrick Rose did  two seasons ago. If either the Nets or Clippers can get in the 55 win range, and Paul or Williams can average 23-11-4, then either one would be a legitimate threat to Lebron in the MVP race.
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