NBA Regular Season Wins Odds and Predictions

Last Minute NBA Betting: Predicting the Over/Under on Regular Season Wins

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October 25, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard (12) talks with head coach Mike Brown during the fourth quarter against the Sacramento Kings at Valley View Casino Center. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE
Can the Los Angeles Lakers win more than 58 games this season?

The NBA season is finally here. Sports junkies can rejoice because over the next three months we will have NBA, NFL and NCAA football games to fill our sports addiction. So for sports bettor looking to make some last minute wagers, let’s go over the NBA regular season win totals for every team and make a few predications.

NBA Title Contenders:

Miami Heat: O/U 60.5: Lebron James looks locked in and ready to take over the league the same way Bird, Magic, and Jordon did before him. Expect a monster season from Lebron. Prediction 63-19

Los Angeles Lakers: O/U 58: The Lakers are going to be a juggernaut this season and will not have any chemistry issue with Steve Nash running the point. Prediction: 62-20

San Antonio Spurs: O/U 55.5: The Spurs are always efficient and surgical during the regular season. Expect the same old Spurs to knock out over 50 wins yet again. Prediction 55-27

Oklahoma City Thunder: “Over/Under” 59.5: OKC was primed for another run at a title that is until the James Harden trade happened. OKC is not as good as they were last year. Prediction: 55-27

Boston Celtics: O/U 50.5: Boston drafted two key prospects in Fab Melo and Jared Sullinger that could make them a real threat to the Heat Prediction: 48-34


The Bottom Feeders:

Charlotte Bobcats: O/U 19.5: The Bobcats are in for another horrible season. They will be better than last year, but don’t expect much. Prediction: 17-65

Orlando Magic: O/U 23.5: If Orlando thought they had a horrible off season, they are in for a surprise. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get any better. Prediction: 20-62

Portland Trail Blazers: O/U 33.5: Things are so bad in Portland that they had to sign Adam Morrison to a contract- yes that Adam Morrison. Prediction: 23-59

Washington Wizards: O/U 27.5: Things are bad for John Wall, being on a team this dysfunctional can only hurt his maturation as a player. Prediction: 26-56

Detroit Pistons: O/U 31.5: Huge payroll; no talent; expect an ugly season. Prediction: 27-55

The Rest:

Atlanta Hawks: O/U 43.5: Prediction: 46-36

Brooklyn Nets: O/U 44.5: Prediction: 52-30

Chicago Bulls: O/U 47.5: Prediction: 40-42

Cleveland Cavaliers: O/U 30.5: Prediction: 32-50

Dallas Mavericks: O/U 42.5: Predictions: 47-35

Denver Nuggets: O/U 50.5: Prediction: 48-34

Golden State Warriors: O/U 36.5: Prediction: 40-42

Houston Rockets: O/U 30.5: Prediction: 38-44

Indiana Pacers: O/U 51.5: Prediction: 50-32

Los Angeles Clippers: O/U 49.5: Prediction: 52-30

Memphis Grizzlies: O/U 48.5: Prediction: 42-40

Milwaukee Bucks: O/U 36.5: Prediction: 38-44

Minnesota Timberwolves: O/U 39.5: Prediction: 35-47

New Orleans Hornets: O/U 27.5: Prediction: 35-47

New York Knicks: O/U 46.5: Prediction: 48-34

Philadelphia 76ers: O/U 45.5: Prediction: 49-33

Phoenix Suns: O/U 32.5: Prediction: 33-49

Sacramento Kings: O/U 30.5: Prediction: 28-54

Toronto Raptors: O/U 33.5: Prediction: 32-50

Utah Jazz: O/U 43.5: Prediction: 46-36

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