NBA Round Up

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Once again fans were treated with a thrilling night which had everything including the injuries to numerous families. On Thursday there would be the first match of the season between Lakers and Celtics. Good news for the Lakers is that he will be able to make it for the all important match.
Steve Blake
The Lakers have had a lot of troubles at the point guard position all this season, but those weaknesses have increased vigorously since Blake had an injury. The ribs of the point guard are feeling better and good news is that he will be able to make it in time for the crunch game against Celtics. Los Angeles will probably come up with a lineup that would include both Steve and Goudelock this would surely help them find space and constructing better moves.
Wilson Chandler
Chandler has been performing in China all this year after signing a deal while the lockout was still in effect, but the leagues season in China is finishing up. When Wilson returns to the USA he wants to join the Denver Nuggets which make this team more dangerous than ever. With the injury to Danilo Gallinari, the Nuggets could use the flexible Chandler right now.
Kyle Lowry
Kyle has been performing consistently for the Houston this season though many people still have doubts over his game but his success is not new. Last season when Brooks was injured, Lowry was asked to fill his shoes and he did a wonderful job then so they know his capabilities and Lowry has been very impressive since that time. However, Lowry ran back to the locker room in apparent pain and was diagnosed with a hyper extended elbow. The Rockets have to be hoping that Lowry will not be forced to sit out many matches.
Jerrryd Bayless
Bayless ankle was once a hot topic in the media and once again his ankle injury is in the news again. He once again hurt his ankle on Wednesday but the concerning thing was that he was not allowed to play in that game again. It is not quite at the Stephen Curry level of niggling ankle injuries, but Bayless' lack of ability to put the concerns behind him is something to look at while going forward.
Andrea Bargnani
Bargnani's stats are very extraordinary this year, but he has been unable to get over the bump in his recovery from a strained calf. He returned from the injury but was only able to play for two games but he has been sidelined once again and has missed eight consecutive games since then.  General Manager Bryan Colangelo confirmed that the big man will remain on the shelf and remains out for an extended period of time.
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