NBA Scout Rips Golden State Warriors

One NBA Scout Really Hates the Golden State Warriors

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As hurricane Sandy bears down on all of us here in the Northeast, I'm hunkered down indoors like most everyone else. While we still have power (and hopefully we don't lose it at all) I figured I may as well get a little online sports reading in. Though I'm not what you would call a huge NBA fan, I paid a visit to the CNN/Sports Illustrated site to check out the pre-season preview for my team, the Golden State Warriors. As they do on occasion, SI turned over each team's preview to an opposing team's scout. Mostly you get a pretty even-handed account from scouts where they will criticize certain players and components of a team but praise others. However, this was absolutely not the case with the particular scout who issued a report on the 2012-13 Warriors. What follows are some of the some of the scathing highlights.

The scout opens his piece with a bang. "This is a bad team with an unproven coach and a bad mix of players." Wow! Don't pull any punches, fella. Tell us how you really feel? He continues the opening graph by saying that every player on the team is overrated except Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry and that Curry can't be counted on because of his balky ankle. He then focuses his attentions on 7-foot Center Andrew Bogut who is also coming off an injury-plagued season. Once again, the scout doesn't mince words. "Bogut is nothing special," he says. He then gets into Bogut's various inconsistencies and says one of the nicer things he has to say in the piece: "I'm not trying to kill Bogut. I didn't like him at all his rookie year, but then he kept growing on me." This reads like a love letter compared to the rest of this report.

He occasionally backs off blasting everyone and everything associated with the team, specifically when it comes to Curry and Thompson, but mostly it's one big rip job. To wit...

• "I think Richard Jefferson is going to cause headaches.... He thinks he's better than he is. He has an answer for everything and he's very tough to coach. A veteran guy on a bad team like this is going to want out, and the only way to do that is to turn yourself into a bigger headache."

• "Everyone says David Lee is a great guy, but talk about overrated. He's looking for his own numbers big-time.... The story you hear from the Knicks is that his teammates used to call him FEMA, because he's never there when you need him."

• "I don't have faith in [Mark] Jackson's becoming a good coach. I don't know what he does for that team. Everybody says he was a coach on the floor when he played, but I don't think he has a good feel for the game. I don't know why a team would hire someone who played but has never coached."

• "I think [Jarrett Jack's] one of those guys who can make a good team better and he can also make a bad team worse."

• "Carl Landry isn't what he used to be."

• "I used to love Andris Biedrins. But no one has seen him perform for years now... He's the worst free-throw shooter in the NBA..."

So, there you have it, in this scout's opinion the Warriors shouldn't win a single game this year. I guess I'll take the over on that one. Despite the fact that I'm a fan of Golden State, I found this scouting report incredibly entertaining. It was like a Friar's Club roast of the Warriors, without the laughs. You would think that the team is aware of this piece. I wonder if they steered clear of it or decided to use it as motivation. Whatever the case, at least one NBA scout really, really, really hates Golden State's chances this year.
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