NBA: So whose value is on a downward spiral this month?

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March is the month of players trading when it comes to National Basketball Association. As 15th March is approaching, estimated have been made about the values of various players and it has been seen that the values of a few have been declining as opposed to others. This is attributed to the fact that some players failed to meet the criteria, some have been injured and performed less well and some have difficulties because of their contracts. This has all reduced the teams’ desires to acquire these players that are discussed below:
Boris Diaw is currently playing for Charlotte Bobcats and has a reputation for being a promising player. However, this time, he has reduced passion for the game and has been giving an inconsistent performance. This is evidenced by the fact that he was placed on the trading block and few teams have shown an interest in keeping him. Some suggestions have poured in for his improved future performance but none of it has worked as yet.
Kirk Hinrich from Atlanta Hawks is one of those players who are salary oriented but not the type who is sought by the teams for long term contracts. Kirk Hinrich has managed to play only 16 games this season because of injury and this has drastically affected Kirk Hinrich ratings to such an extent that now they have fallen below what an average player of National Basketball Association needs to have.
Amar’e Stoudemire from New York Knicks is one of the best players but is having issues with being traded because he is commanding a high salary right now and no team is willing to pay so much with ease. In addition, the player has a severe knee issue which is another hindrance to his trading.
Devin Harris has been facing a flip in his values. He was in high demand when he moved to Utah Jazz but this year is difficult since no trading opportunities are available this year. Devin has been facing an inconsistent year and this has led him to be on a downward spiraling value. It was rumored, however, that he has his name on the trade block but Jazz didn’t find anyone who will take him.
Andray Blatche from Washington Wizards had a promising last season but this season, the tide has turned against him. He has been injured and thus on the bench for Wizards for quite some time now and Wizards are now trying to look for a team who could take him as a player with a rough attitude and less of an expert work ethic. So far, it has been pretty hard for Wizards to do so. 
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Raymond Felton and Lamar Odem should be on this list too. I know the Mavs did not send him down to the D-League but with what ever is going on in his personal life things are not working out for him in Dallas.