NBA Trade Deadline, NBA Trades, Who's Going Where?

NBA Trade Deadline: Who's Going Where?

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During the course of the day, we'll do our best to keep you updated on who is going where in the NBA. There's been a lot of talk that a number of teams could unload players solely for financial reasons. We'll see what happens.

Let's get to what we know right now.

Vince Carter:
Seems the Blazers are doing everything possible to get their hands on Vinsanity. One of the problems is apparently Portland's insistence that New Jersey include the 2011 first-round pick the Nets acquired from the Golden State Warriors in any deal for Carter. The players the Blazers would give up are likely Travis Outlaw and Rudy Fernandez,. The Blazers have also supposedly talked to the Bucks about Richard Jefferson and to the Bobcats about Gerald Wallace.

Tyson Chandler: As you probably heard, he failed his physical that would have sent him to the Thunder and Chris Wilcox and Joe Smith to the Hornets. But could he still be moved Thursday? Possibly, although unlikely. Word also is that the Thunder may have overreacted to Chandler's turf toe injury that caused him to fail his physical.

Baron Davis:
Yesterday word broke that Davis might be traded to the Rockets. Supposedly the deal won't go down because the salaries don't match up well enough. That said, Mike Dunleavy apparently wants to ship Davis out of town and owner/cheapskate Donald Sterling is looking to save money, so Davis could wind up pretty much anywhere. According to Chris Broussard at ESPN, the Clippers were trying to lure Houston and New Jersey into a three-way trade that would put Davis in Houston, McGrady in New Jersey and Carter in L.A. The Clippers have also supposedly talked with the Mavericks and Warriors about Davis.

Joe Smith: He apparently wants his contract bought out by the Thunder now so he can sign with the Celtics.

Larry Hughes:
There's a slim chance he could wind up on the Knicks.

Richard Jefferson:
Apparently the Cavs are looking to grab Jefferson to help LeBron. The move would essentially be Wally Szczerbiak for Jefferson, which helps free up cap space for the Bucks when Wally's contract expires. It should noted the Cavs were originally trying for Marcus Camby or Antawn Jamison, but were turned down in both cases.

Kirk Hinrich:
Hinrich had been part of a potential deal that would have sent him to the Timberwolves. However, the deal didn't go through, likely because of the trade the Bulls made yesterday with the Kings. The Bulls are now likely to trade Hinrich in the offseason.

Will keep you updated as things progress during the day.
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