NBA Western Conference Finals:NBA Fines Tony Allen $5,000 for Game Two Flop

NBA fines Tony Allen $5,000 for game two flop

5/24/13 in NBA   |   BenSullivan   |   96 respect

Blog Photo - NBA Western Conference Finals:NBA Fines Tony Allen $5,000 for Game Two FlopThe NBA fined Memphis Grizzles guard Tony Allen $5,000 for his flop in game two of the Western Conference Finals against the Spurs.

Manu Ginobili grabbed Allen by the arm on a break away with only 26.1 seconds left in regulation, pulling him to the ground. Allen immediately grabbed his head and rolled on the ground like he was in terrible pain, despite the fact that replays showed clearly that his head never actually hit the ground.

The play was called a flagrant foul by the referees, and whether the foul deserved the flagrant tag or not can be debated, Allen's reaction to the play was without a doubt an act deserving of an award.

The league has attempted to crack down on flopping this year, something that has been at the top of the list of fan pet peeves in recent years.

While $5,000 may be a lot of money to the rest of us, it's spare change to professional basketball players who make millions each year. Allen may not be at the top of the NBA pay scale, but he's been around the league long enough to not lose sleep over $5,000.

If the league is serious about ridding the game of its flopping problem, they need to up the anti. They need to start fining players enough money that it becomes a real deterrent. Like any parent knows, the punishment has to be harsh enough to get someone's attention, and the hard part comes when you have to follow through with your threats.

The league showed it doesn't have the fortitude to stand behind all the talk about getting rid of flopping.
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