NBA commissioner Adam Silver says NBA doesn’t have expansion focus on Seattle

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsIt was under a year ago that Seattle tried to get the Sacramento Kings moved to Pacific Northwest but didn’t get to have things the way they wanted. Now the new NBA commissioner Adam Silver has officially stated that for now NBA does not have any intentions of further expanding at Seattle.
Silver did say that Seattle was a place full of opportunities and the league knew that too but for now they had focus elsewhere. He added that money was not an issue, they had bigger things in mind.
"Seattle is a wonderful market. It would be very additive to the league to have a team there," Silver said. "But we're not planning on expanding right now, so it's not a function of price."
Silver is for now focused on the issue of even distribution of talent within the 30 teams part of NBA. Because of that he has chosen not to invest in Seattle for now but to instead look to other places that require reinforcement.
Silver said he and the franchise owners had talks and they had agreed with his notion that he was not withholding any sort of economic probabilities from them but was making the decision purely on the basis of talent distribution.
"I, and the owners, will look at not only dilution of economic opportunities with one more partner to divide national and international money but also dilution of talent," Silver said. "Right now, are already making comments about the (Eastern Conference), so is the ideal time to be adding another 15 or 30 players to the league?”
Silver said he was the person assigned to look after all these matters and to ensure the 30 teams did not meet any problems from their end, so he would make the best decision he could.
"Ultimately, I'm responsible for the financial and competitive health of a 30-team league and while we made tremendous strides in the last collective bargaining agreement, we're still not there yet,” Silver said. “We don't have 30 profitable teams in the NBA and while we've made progress, there are still teams that aren't competitive enough."
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