NBA mock draft: part 1

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The 2013 NBA draft is fast approaching but we still have plenty of time to speculate about who's going where and what trades might take place.  Here's my take on it.  Check back for the second half of my first mock draft.

Nov 29, 2012; South Bend, IN, USA; Kentucky Wildcats forward Nerlens Noel (3) gets ready to shoot a free throw against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at the Joyce Center.  Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports1. Cleveland Cavaliers - They will try to move down but the Kings value DeMarcus Cousins more than they value Noel and the Cavs aren't willing to include Waiters in any deal.  They'll try with Portland too, but the Blazers want to see if Aldridge and Damian Lillard can take them to the playoffs next year with a better supporting cast.  And Minny just hangs up on them when they call inquiring about Kevin Love. With their trade options exhausted, they pick the guy with the most upside who can, hopefully, anchor the defense for years.  The Pick: NERLENS NOEL.   

2. Orlando Magic - Rumor has it that Orlando is eyeing Ben McLemore and Victor Oladipo with this pick, but they'll go with McLemore who can add some scoring punch to a team that finished 27th in Offensive Rating last year and were led in scoring by Tobias Harris and Aaron Afflalo. There are also rumors that they will go hard after Eric Bledsoe, making a young and potentially formidable back court.  The Pick: BEN MCLEMORE.

3.  Washington Wizards - This one's easy.  They already have a nice young back court with Wall and Beal and quality bigs in Nene and Okafor.  This pick gives them a solid player that can defend and contribute in a lot of ways.  He's not going to dominate the ball and will complement the team's play makers.  The Pick: OTTO PORTER.

4.  Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets - Charlotte fans are under the impression that Anthony Bennett is the next Larry Johnson.  They may not be totally right about that, but he would provide some front court scoring along side the shot blocking of Biyombo.  The roster has some talent now and this might be the pick that launches them in the right direction.  Key work: Might.  The Pick: ANTHONY BENNETT.

5.  Phoenix Suns - Phoenix really needs to add perimeter talent and scoring to the roster but McLemore is long gone.  New GM Ryan McDonough really wants to make a splash in his first draft and the Suns are no where near competing right now, so he may go for a project pick with upside.  The Pick: ALEX LEN.  I could see the Suns moving down a few spots to add another piece and if they're going to go after a player like Len who would be available a few picks later.
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