NBA playoffs take the night off.... Why?

Really wanted to watch the NBA playoffs tonight but.....

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So I turned to TNT looking for the NBA playoffs, and to my dismay a TV show called Castle was on.  Now I’ve never seen the show so it may be good, but I’d rather watch some playoff hoops. Okay, obviously I’m joking about not knowing there are no games tonight, but in all seriousness--what the hell is the NBA doing?

I know people say it’s about money and TV etc. I just can’t fathom how unless it’s the NBA Finals, there would be zero games on the schedule on a given night in the postseason. Isn’t Thursday a pretty big night in TV? Remember years back, NBC Must see TV with Friends and Seinfeld? Last time I checked TNT broadcasts all their games during the regular season on Thursday.

Does it make any sense whatsoever that the Knicks/Pacers or Oklahoma City/Memphis series would play Tuesday and not play again until Saturday?  Meanwhile, the Heat/Bulls and Spurs/Warriors series played Wednesday and will play their game 3 Friday night prior to the other two series playing their game 3.  Sounds mindless, right? 3 days is a rather long layoff. It could work for or against any team.

Not to mention the NBA taking the day off allows the NHL playoffs to be on the grand stage. Good luck finding their games, but at least they’re on. I doubt they will have a day with zero games on the schedule.

Good job NBA!
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