NBA season most likely to be cancelled: Charles Barkley

According to Charles Barkley, we shouldn't expect an NBA season at all this year.

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Legendary Philadelphia power forward Charles Barkley has given his insight and expert analysis on the current NBA Lockout situation.

Barkley’s view on the issue was very negative and believed that should the NBA and the NBPA agree terms over the Collective Bargaining Agreement in time for the new season, it would be no less than a miracle. Barkley revealed his views on the issue at the time when the Lockout actually began and his stance on the issue hasn’t changed.

Barkley has become a respected TV analyst on the NBA after his playing years and his straightforward comments are valued by one and all. Sir Charles, as he was known back in the day, is considered one of the true best of the game and is well aware of what the players must be going through. In fact, Barkley was still playing when the last Lockout occurred in 1998, which went on to lose almost half the season owing to the issue.

However, things are worse than what they were back them. The NBA owners are determined in getting the most profits by completely changing the system and that the new CBA would tilt massively in their favour. NBA Commissioner David Stern has proposed that owing to the league recording a loss of 300 million dollars, the NBA players would have to reduce their salaries and other benefits drastically.

On the other hand, the NBPA believes that the players shouldn’t be held responsible for the losses. The players are willing to reduce their share in the BRI down by 3% but have refused to agree to other proposals which would make the players lose 7.6 billion dollars in the length of the contract.

This has led to the NBA filing law suits against the players union and it is highly likely that the NBPA would reply in kind. Owing to such a difficult environment, Barkley believes that the NBA season would be delayed till January, if there is a season at all this year.

"I'm saying, best-case scenario if everything went perfect, they would start the season in January," Barkley said. "But I'm still going to stay on the record and say they're not going to get to play at all next year.”

"In my honest opinion, I hope they don't screw up the momentum of last year. It was a great year for the NBA. Even if some of the attention was negative, because of the Heat, it was nice to see Dirk (Nowitzki) and Jason Kidd get their rings."

Barkley also claimed that the NBA would breaking a lot of momentum gained from an explosive season last year and the lockout would do no good to anyone.


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Legendary Philadelphia power forward Charles Barkley has given his insight and expert analysis...

hahahaha. ha. (I love Charles, though)