NBA teams that should be hitting the panic button

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Not even a month of the regular season has passed by but it’s already given us enough to base a prediction on how things could fallout for a few NBA teams around the league.
Some of the teams are concerned over how things are falling apart from the original plan, while a few disappointing teams should be concerned how these early failures could span out into the season.
Following is the list of teams who should be hitting the panic button, now that we’ve got a sample of their action this season. However, the list isn’t based on their failures, but how their efforts are inadequate to meet expectations early season expectations:
Chicago Bulls
If the Chicago Bulls (6-6) were onto the ninth-seed with Derrick Rose leading the offense, they can certainly be expected to stir up something this season. However, considering the Chicago Bulls played most of the season without their centerpiece, things haven’t fallen to the extreme.
 And just to prove the impact of Derrick Rose on the active list, the Chicago Bulls went 92-93 in a close loss to the Milwaukee Bucks in Monday. It’s better than their last four losses where the Chicago Bulls lost by double digits. However, the win could have placed the Chicago Bulls at the top of the Central Division.
While the Chicago Bulls still shouldn’t hit the panic button with all the zeal of 4-year-old woken in sleep with recollections of a previous scary bedtime story. Although it may be a cause of concern that the Chicago Bulls broke a three-game losing streak with Tom Thibodeau leading the team and also lost four-of-six games under him. 
Still more importantly, the Chicago Bulls gave struggled in the fourth quarter during five of their six losses – and they were clearly outscored in the fourth quarter during four of those loses.
 Lastly, the Chicago Bulls desperately need a "go-to" guy in case of a long-term Derrick Rose’s absence again.
Washington Wizards
The Washington Wizards are unwatchable this season. The team slumped to a 12 game losing streak and winless record this season after their 118-92 defeat to the San Antonio Spurs Monday night.
And it’s only going to get tougher down the stretch. The way they are going, the Washington Wizards could lose in their next six games as well, as they brace to face the worst opponent in the series, the Portland Trail Blazers, who are just half a game short of a .500 winning percentage. The rest of the teams are presently above the mark.
The Washington Wizards might not see their next winnable game until early-to-mid December when they face the New Orleans Hornets. But if they lose to the New Orleans Hornets, the Washington Wizards could be onto the worst losing streak in the NBA tying with the 2009-10 record of New Jersey Nets record.
To top it the Washington Wizards are understandably in bad spirits. But they are far past hitting the panic button, as rookie Bradley Beal acknowledged the teams’ been surrounded by depression lately.
Everybody hates losing. You just see the guys faces, it’s like depression. We haven’t won a game yet. We still have [71] more games. It’s still a long season,” said Bradley Beal before adding some optimism. We still have our opportunity to get over .500.”
Maybe the Washington Wizards should start by building a happier locker room.
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