NBA veterans featured in the D-league this season

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Typically, the D-League is all about providing promising young talent with a platform to prove they are pro caliber and can leave their mark in the NBA history. But every once in a while a few former NBA vets swoop into the D-league to give a final CPR to their dying careers or jump start lackluster performances to former dominance so as to win back interest of the pro-teams.
Often these NBA veterans are brimming with talent and boast pilling trophies as reminders of past accomplishments.  They are former All-Stars, sharp-shooters averaging 20 points per game and even veterans with over a decade of experience in the league, all mixing-in with the sprightly legged  youngsters of the D-League.
While the current season boasts an ocean young D-League talent hoping to post an outstanding season that will earn them a roster spot among the 32 elite NBA teams to provide a park off bench, there are a few veterans sprinkled in between yearning to leave an impression worthy of a comeback.
Following are five veteran NBA players now logging minutes in the D-League:
1. Chris Douglas-Roberts, Texas Legends: A former key asset on the 2010-2011 Milwaukee Bucks bench unit, Chris Douglas-Roberts is arguably the top veteran prospect in the D-League to receive a call-up form one of the 32 elite NBA teams. Chris Douglas-Roberts is easily amongst the most explosive offensive players in the D-League.  The 25-year-old Chris Douglas-Roberts is capable of creating gaps in opposing defenses and driving at the basket or pulling-up for jumpers. Chris Douglas-Roberts can also successfully dish it out when the shot is contested.
The Texas Legends are off to an early 5-2 start in part due to Chris Douglas-Roberts’ 24.4 points, 5.3 rebounds, 4.1 assists and 1.9 steals averages per game so far this season.
2. Orien Greene, Los Angeles D-Fenders: The former second overall pick by the Boston Celtics during 2005 Orien Greene landed in the D-League after four seasons in the NBA. Since, the veteran Orien Greene has played chunks of the last four seasons in the D-League and even led the Los Angeles D-Fender into the NBADL Finals last season. Orien Greene now comes back even stronger than before, registering D-league career highs with 18.5 points, 4.2 rebounds, as well as 2.7 steals through six contests this season.
However, after hitting 30 this year, it is less likely that the point guard will receive a call-up from the elites, with NBA teams looking for more agile options.
3. Jamario Moon, Los Angeles D-Fenders: After finding his way into the NBA through the D-league, Jamario Moon played his rookie campaign with the Toronto Raptors averaging 8.5 points (on 49 percent shooting from field), 6.2 rebounds and 1.4 blocks at the seasoned age if 27 years during 2007-08 season. After earning the 2008 NBA All-Rookie Second Team honors, Jamario Moon played key minutes in with the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers over the next three-four years until plunging back into the D-League.
Donning an NBADL uniform, Jamario Moon has utilized his experience and familiarity with the defensive schemes to keep younger opponents constantly on their toes. Jamario Moon currently leads the D-league with 3.2 blocks and 3.0 steals per game.
The NBA veteran Jamario Moon could receive a call-up later in the season from teams with collapsed roster looking for a defensive boost off the bench.
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