NBA’s Top toughest Ironmen

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Though the Ironman label isn’t typically applied to basketball, now days the sport demands a lot of physicality as we’ve witness several talented but not-so-tough players blend into the shadows of dreams of past due to raking up injuries.
Whether it’s an intuitive scorer or bruising center, basketball players need to exude physicality to overcome their share of hard fouls, inevitable contact and awkward falls in the curse of each grueling season. Those who stand strong and thrive against the physicality of the game eventually develop into the most competitive, team-first, willing to play through pain players that every team needs to motivate spirits.
Following are basketball’s Ironmen, the tooughest players from across the NBA, who may not possess the sharpest shooting skills or versatility but standout on basis of being more physically dominant than their competition.
Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers
The 17-year NFL veteran Kobe Bryant is an old man around the NBA – but he still plays with the heart and soul of a younger NBA veteran. However, not only is Kobe Bryant known or his eye widening stats but he is also renowned for his fourth-quarter heroics. Although Kobe Bryant has missed time over past campaigns, it’s nothing significant.
The 34-year-old Kobe Bryant has played through back spasms while single-handedly leading the Los Angeles Lakers offense to a blowout over the New York Knicks. Being a fierce competitor and team leader Kobe Bryant has always prioritized the Los Angeles Lakers’ needs over personal less severe health issues.
During the 2011-2012 season, Kobe Bryant was recovering from a series or injuries, but still opted to play the entire campaign with torn ligaments in the wrist, still leading the NBA in scoring and helping the Los Angeles Lakers to land a No.3 seeding in the Western conference. Kobe Bryant eventually benched only immediately ahead of the playoffs as Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown didn’t want to aggravate a new shin injury his star player was suffering from.
What’s more optimistic about Kobe Bryant’s longevity in the NBA is that he’s constantly looking for ways to improve his health and physicality as a player. Kobe Bryant’s decision to try the platelet rich plasma therapy for suggested for perennial knee issue will put him on a head start towards extending his career.
Wesley Matthews, Portland Trail Blazers
Although Wesley Matthews has recently missed the Portland Trail Blazers’s games against Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs due to hip flexor injury, the 26-year-old hasn’t prior missed a single in three NBA seasons.
Wesley Matthews is not only amongst NBA’s grittiest perimeter players, who poses tough outside offense. But since entering the league he has also developed into a tough shooting guard willing to absorb contact and even drive to the rim. The fourth-year veteran Wesley Matthews famously disclosed that after sustaining a tendon tear to the right ankle during a January practice, he played through the injury for the rest of the campaign with little to no feeling in the foot.
Currently, Wesley Matthews is onto a career season, averaging 16.1 points with 38.9 percent shooting beyond the arc per game.
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