NBA’s top three 2012 free agency big spenders

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It’s been a summer of transformation for most NBA teams, who haven’t displayed the least bit of hesitation at throwing away money in return for talent. And while most have gotten it right, there are still a few big no-nos in this group. The free agency period has provided the final touches for NBA teams, who desire to improve their standing by maximizing the potential on their roster.
But then again, it pays to be cautious with your money, and not every team was willing to burn a hole their pockets to rack star power on the roster during free agency, and instead emphasize on the stability of the franchise.
So whose got it figured out right? Let’s take a stroll down this summer’s free agency signings by each franchise, to pick the top three teams who blew-off the most and what they got in return.
  1. Brooklyn Nets
Money allocated to 2012 free agency signings: $246.9 million
Total Number of contracts signed: 14
While that may be a mind-boggling figure, the Brooklyn Nets put their money where their mouth was.
The Brooklyn Nets spared no expense in free agency at ascertaining that the team started in style and with legitimate potential at the Barclays Center this season. The Brooklyn Nets committed over $220 million alone in terms of contracts for Kris Humphries, Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Gerald Wallace for the next five years.
  1. Boston Celtics
Money allocated to 2012 free agency signings: $136.1 million
Total Number of contracts signed: 13
The Boston Celtics, who have for long considered themselves the lion of the hill since their 2008 championship run, started the summer with a clear approach: rebuild – bottom-up, under restricted budget.
Well kiss goodbye to that motto because the Boston Celtics flopped a pretty decent amount on retaining a few pieces during free agency so as to improve their standing as title contenders.
While most of free agent signs were well-thought through – such as Kevin Garnett (proven veteran), Jason Terry, Brandon Bass and Courtney Lee, the Boston Celtics might have ended up putting too much on Jeff Green.
Still, there isn’t too much that can be argued about the Boston Celtics’ free agency moves and their willingness to loosen the noose on the purse could be a good sign.
  1. Indiana Pacers
Money allocated to 2012 free agency signings: $130.198 million
Total Number of contracts signed: 10
Now this is one I simply can’t wrap my head around. You’d think that after dropping over $130 million in free agency to address the team’s neglected positions, the Indiana Pacers may have a roster that will qualify for title contenders. BZZZZZZ – Wrong!
Indian Pacer’s commitment of near $100 million to Roy Hibbert and George Hill alone makes it hard to take them seriously. Granted, Roy Hibbert is an above-average center but he hardly has a shot at become a star center. The Indiana Pacers took a $60 million gamble on this one.
And come down to George Hill, the Indiana Pacers laying their hopes on a below-average playmaker worth $8 million annually – absolutely unforgivable.
However, D.J. Augustin and Gerald Green were a steal. Whereas there are still doubts about Ian Mahinmi who totaled limited minutes in the highlight of his career last season, averaging 5.8 points, 4.7 rebounds as well as 0.5 blocks per game.
The Indiana Pacers have Ian Mahinmi for a $16 million contract, over the next four years.
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