NBDL Player Brent Petway Repeats Dwight Howard's Dunks, And Does Some Better Ones

3/11/08 in NBA   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

The good gentlemen/man at Hardwood Peroxide Paroxysm have one heck of a clip today. It's NBDL player Brent Petway redoing ALL of Dwight Howard's dunks from the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest. And he adds a few of his own dunks that are pretty ridiculous as well.

Paroxysm was actually at the NBDL Dunk Contest and spoke with Petway there, where Petway said he wanted to challenge Dwight Howard to a dunk contest. That sounds ridiculous, until you see this video.

Right now, in my book, this is how it stands. Brent Petway > Dwight Howard. And if that doesn't get you watching this video, then you don't have a pulse.
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3/11/08   |   dallas78

Wow, the lost art of dunking a basketball...exciting.

3/11/08   |   CriticalFanatic

The only thing that really got me about this video was the dude Petway dunked over giving him a high five and then going in for the blow-it-up rock ... and getting only air in return.

Well, that and the 3 people clapping.

Pretty solid effort from Air Georgia to say the least.