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Have a ladies tourney ncaa pick em group at espn for anyone that would like to join in. Also a men's at yahoo but that one is almost getting started. For the men's IM ME at eddino55   for those with yahoo instant messenger, so I can get you the info quickly. Here is the info for the ladies' tourney pick em at espn  If there are any problems feel free to e mail me at or you can instant message me at eddino55. I will be around today till early afternoon. This message is from dennis st.pierre who is challenging you to play
Women's Tournament Challenge on
This game gives you the chance to win prizes by predicting the winner
of the most games in the 63 game women's college basketball tournament.
A correct selection in the first round counts as 10 points, and in each
successive round the point values are doubled.  You can create up to
ten entries, and best of all, it's FREE to play.

Get in the action now:

Game Front:
Password: MADNESS

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Hey everybody. Let's see who is best among our group of pundits, in
predicating the outcome of this year's LADIES' NCAA TOURNEY! 
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3/20/08   |   manny79

wow seriously dude? a women's must be bored and unemployed