NCAA Bubble: Will Arkansas Make the Big Dance?

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February has mercifully come to an end so we can finally start to enjoy sports again with March Madness on the horizon. Over these final two weeks of the college basketball season we'll be sizing up those teams on the bubble and let you determine who should be in or out.

Up next: Arkansas Razorbacks, who play what could amount to an elimination game tonight in Mississippi.

Why they could get in
Overall Record: 19-9 - 20 wins is very likely and it's a small percentage of major conferences teams that have been left out with that win total.
Good Wins: 86-58 at Baylor, 78-73 vs Vanderbilt
RPI: 39 - Good enough.

Why they would be left out
Key Losses: 51-67 vs Providence, 67-74 vs Appalachian State, 66-70 vs South Carolina, 69-82 at Georgia, 56-59 at Alabama.
5th in SEC: Southeastern Conference isn't strong so I wouldn't expect more than five teams to make the Dance. Right now the Hogs are tied with Florida for the 5th best conference record and with another loss could be viewed as the 6th best team over the last few months.

Likely in at the moment, but one of the many teams right on the edge. John Pelphrey has had a good season in his first year, but could make himself many more friends with a win tonight in Mississippi. A good road win would almost assure the Hogs of a berth. A loss tonight, and they'll need to beat Auburn and win a couple next week in the conference tourney.
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