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NCAA Expert Bracket Results: Colin Cowherd In 1st?

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I'm making sure to address these expert brackets early enough in the morning so that you hopefully forget them before bed tonight, as the results provide some serious nightmare fuel.

Colin Cowherd, aka Schrutebag, currently leads all experts.

Top Experts (leaving out some of the local newspaper guys)

1. Colin Cowherd, ESPN (135 points) Shrutebag has 12 of his Sweet 16 intact, getting some bonus points by having Villanova advancing this far. Looking at his Elite Eight picks, this nightmare could continue for some time. If you'd rather Cowherd not win it all, start rooting against the Bruins.

2. Fran Franschilla, ESPN (127) Applause for picking the Hilltoppers this far. Fran will likely fall, however, for having Pittsburgh and USC into his Elite Eight.

2. Pete Gillen (127) CSTV's version of the expert coaching analyst had a great first two rounds, however the Hoyas into the Final Four might keep him out of the top spot. Gillen is one of the few who picked Memphis to win it all.

Worst Experts

1. Jeff Goodman, FoxSports (102) Just 9 of his Sweet 16 but 7 of his Elite Eight remain alive, including the bold pick of Michigan State into the Final Four. Goodman's Midwest bracket is more red than green. He only got two first round games correct - the #1 and #2 seed. Ouch.

2. Dick Vitale, ESPN (105) Should we really be surprised? Dicky V has been burnt by Clemson, USC, Georgetown and of course, Duke. I'm sure Vitale will spend all week letting us know he almost picked Davidson and almost went with Villanova. Uh, huh.

3. Seth Davis, CBS/SI (105) I'll give Seth credit for picking the Davidson upset on Sunday, despite the fact he didn't go with it originally on his bracket. He also called the Siena upset, but that hasn't helped him out enough in this challenge. Another expert burnt by USC, but he still has the rest of his picks around.

Other notes

Mike Freeman, CBS (117) It should surprise no one that he's the only expert who's lost his national champion. It's good practice to go against anything Freeman predicts, as was the case with not picking Georgetown. Thank you, Mike.

Bill Simmons, ESPN (110) He stands a great chance of finishing in last with USC and Pittsburgh eliminated from his Final Four. We should have known and most of you did. Yep, he also had Clemson in the Elite Eight. Nice work, Bill, as always.

Top 5 Fans

1. gmcaljo (144) Jo only missed four first round games.
2. CUTiger92 (138) Georgetown in the Final 4 will hurt.
3. raudawg (138) Stanford in the Final Four could be the winner.
4. cubsbearsfan74 (138) Another with G'town headed to San Antonio, but the rest is green.
5. Rodma (138) Riding Tennessee to the Final Four.

The stakes for games double on Thursday and Friday, so we'll be updating these standings every day of the tournament the rest of the way.
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3/24/08   |   Ryan   |   153 respect

I stand by my only statement about Cowherd.....


He looks like Goat Boy.  Anything else (including picking abilities) is secondary.....



Judge for yourself:


3/24/08   |   Todd



Cowherd isn't on ESPN because they had money to piss away, you know.  Love him or hate him, I'm glad to see the bloggers cringe for once.  Good for Colin.

3/24/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Jubanator14 wrote:
His bracket looks very similar to mine. He must have stolen it. What an ass.

For that offense, I wish to strike him about the head with a metal rake!

3/24/08   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect

Boski93 wrote:





His bracket looks very similar to mine. He must have stolen it. What an ass.

3/24/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect