NCAA Football's One-Sided Battle Rages On... SEC or the Big Ten?

Ryan Parker Knows Who's Better... Apparently He Watched the Last 2 National Championship Games

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Ryan Parker is one of the finest musicians of our day. He sings about the issues, and what's REALLY important. And better yet, he posts clever and funny videos for his songs, so we can all be inspired by his work. This is one of his latest masterpieces.


To some, this may be old news. But the SEC is indeed better than the Big Ten. That statement is starting to move further and further from the realm of opinion and closer to "confirmed fact" status. An SEC team has convincingly beaten a Big Ten team (OSU) in each of the last 2 championship games, and the SEC has also shown an uncanny ability to take out top-level teams with their bottom-feeders. No matter who is on their non-conference schedule, the toughest games on SEC teams' schedules will always be within the conference. Everyone says they play cupcakes, but when there are 3 top-ten teams within the conference, then realistically, I'd play cupcakes, too.

The SEC Is Better Than the Big Ten [Ryan Parker Songs]
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