NCAA Tournament 2014: Forget Basketball, Check Out the Beer Bracket

Who Needs Basketball When You Have a Beer Bracket?

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You’re pretty much considered un-American if you don’t enjoy March Madness or an ice-cold beer. So why not put the two together? Blog Photo - NCAA Tournament 2014: Forget Basketball, Check Out the Beer Bracket

Most of you have already filled out your field of 68, and that’s OK—we’ll give you something else to waste your time on until the first (or second?) round starts on Thursday.

Welcome to the Beer Bracket, where you’ll find the country’s top-selling beer seeded accordingly and matched up against one another. Find your favorite adult beverage and see how it stacks up with the rest of the bottle-popping world.

And don’t worry, you can’t mess this one up.

*Seeding was determined based on the top-selling beers of 2013

1 seed: Bud Light

16 seed: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Matchup: In a modern day David vs. Goliath collision, Bud Light—the unanimous top-selling beer in the good ol’ U-S-of-A—towers over the cheap (yet delicious) Blue Ribbon.

2 seed: Coors Light

15 seed: Bud Light Platinum Lager

Matchup: Could this be the next Florida Gulf Coast-like upset? Coors Light may be one of the most-purchased beers, but no one can argue that it has an acquired taste. Platinum has a higher alcohol volume and a translucent blue glass bottle that could give the mountains all they can handle.

3 seed: Budweiser

14 seed: Natural Ice

Matchup: Both Anheuser-Busch products, Budweiser comes in as a heavy favorite over its crosstown rival in Natural Ice.

4 seed: Miller Light

13 seed: Miller High Life

Matchup: A perfect example of the student surpassing the teacher. Light compiles nearly $1.9 million in annual sales, whereas the High Life, which is the brewing company’s oldest brand, comes in just short of $500,000.

5 seed: Corona Extra

12 seed: Keystone Light

Matchup: Although the 5-seed vs. 12-seed is widely known as the upset matchup, I don’t think Keystone has what it takes to beat the best-selling Mexican beer in the world. Find your beach.

6 seed: Natural Light

11 seed: Modelo Especial

Matchup: The committee may have had a blip with this one, just like it did on Sunday when it gave UMass a 6-seed. Nati Light is the college student’s choice of beer for its cheap price, but certainly not for its, uh, indistinguishable taste.

7 seed: Busch Light

10 seed: Heineken

Matchup: Heineken has some pretty sweet commercials and is one of the top-selling import beers in America, but there’s no questioning the pale ale’s skunk-like taste and aroma. This is a very Texas-Arizona State-esque matchup.

8 seed: Michelob Ultra

9 seed: Busch

Matchup: Who will go on to play the 1-seed in the second round? Mich Ultra has a very Oklahoma State-like feel to it, with the ability to make some noise down the stretch or fall in the first round. Busch isn’t nearly as bold, but is solid and consistent.

How will the rest of the tournament go? Let us know your picks below! Hit me up on Twitter or follow the FanIQ college football blog!
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