NCAA investigating Johnny Manziel about paid autographs

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Blog Photo - NCAA investigating Johnny Manziel about paid autographsThe Johnny Manziel Drama tour has run all offseason, mostly due to Manziel acting like a normal 20 year old college kid, albeit a much more famous one. Still, none of that stuff will necessarily affect his play on the field this season. The latest episode of As Johnny Football Turns though just might, since the NCAA is involved.

According to a report from Outside the Lines, the NCAA is investigating Manziel about whether he was paid for signing hundreds of autographs on photos and sports memorabilia in January. Sources told OTL that Manziel agreed to sign the memorabilia for a "five figure fee" while in Miami for the BCS title game. The alleged transaction was at the request of an autograph broker.

As you might guess, this is a violation of NCAA rules, and would likely affect Manziel's eligibility if the allegations are found to be true. While personally I could care less if Manziel wants to make some money off his name when both the NCAA and Texas A&M are making huge amounts of money off of it, the rules are what they are at this point. Unlike the partying issue, an NCAA investigation will hang over Texas A&M all season. It remains to be seen if Manziel will be able to keep his eligibility.
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I can over look a 20 year old kid partying and basically enjoying the college life but if this is true, Manziel is an idiot for putting himself and the upcoming Texas A&M Aggies football season in a precarious situation.